6 Reasons to Buy a Motor Scooter.

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Motorcycle riding is a very convenient way of transportation besides being a hobby. However, in this article, we wanted to emphasize the importance of using the Motor Scooter in specific as a method of transportation.

If you think your motorcycle is the best way to move around (especially during rush hours), think again. We will try to reveal some advantages and talk about Motor Scooters from a different perspective that shows how important it is to acquire a motor scooter, even if you already own a motorcycle.

Why Should You Buy a Motor Scooter?

The Booming Gas Prices.

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We know, as it may sound stupid, yet please bare with us; We understand that you would probably say isn’t it better to go for the electric scooter? Well, it is, and actually, we’re going to talk about this topic later in a separate article.

But for now, let’s agree that a 125cc motor scooter (for example) is more economic and environmentally friendly than your 1000cc superbike or 1800cc cruiser one. At the end of the day, the motor scooter has a lower rpm range and a smaller engine capacity (in most cases).

Better Maneuvering Ability.

This part is crucial if you live in the big city where rush hours are a pain in the …well you know what we mean (and we mean it literally for motorcyclists). Getting stuck in a traffic jam because your steering angle is limited (as it’s the case in most superbikes), or because your motorbike is too big to pass through (cruisers, touring,…etc) is not the best feeling in the world.

Add to this the possibility of harsh environmental conditions (heat or snow depending on your geographic location) while you are stuck and you shall have the best time of your life.

Lower Running Costs.

This part is self-explanatory; in the world of motorcycles (and motor scooters if that matters), not a single motor scooter rider was seen broke due to running maintenance costs. Seriously, go ahead and compare basic spare parts prices or regular service costs and you will understand our point of view.

A, B, C  Motorcycle Riding?

No offense to motor scooter riders, but riding one of those would be like a walk in the park for motorcycle riders. Most of the motor scooters are automatic, you can tell the difference in the weight too, and of course the engine power and torque.

Curves, taking over vehicles, braking and accelerating are much easier on a motor scooter, some riders may see that this will take away all the fun and we totally agree. Yet, remember we are talking here about practical transportation solutions (more than a hobby).

Long Distance? No Problem.

There is a myth that says that motor scooters can’t stand long distances; take a closer look at some of the world records, and you will find motorcyclists traveling the world with a 50cc motor scooter. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want you to start backpacking and ride around the globe.

However, it’s clear that you can go as far as you can on a motor scooter with the right riding techniques and the correct planning for refueling stops.

Comfortable & Convenient.

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The sitting posture is ridiculously comfortable (exclude the touring motorcycles from the comparison, since they miss the high maneuvering ability that we have previously mentioned). Your riding posture is very practical too if you are the kind of person who is willing to go to work on two wheels.

Riding a superbike to work might be cool, but how many times did you end up at work looking like a survivor who battled his way to earning his living. A motor scooter is much more convenient especially if you are one of the “suit guys” at work.

Hopefully, you found this article informative and revealing for the benefits of riding a motor scooter, even if you already own a motorcycle. Stay safe fellas and always remember to enjoy your rides!