AGV Sport Alloy Riding Jeans.

The AGV Sport Alloy Riding Jeans is considered to be one of the best motorcycle pants in 2016. We have talked previously about how to choose the best biker jeans on the market.Important factors such as safety, appearance (low or high profile) and fitment should be taken into consideration while purchasing your new riding pants (click here to check the full article).

Let’s take a closer look at what we have today to keep your lower body part safe (and stylish).

Features of the AGV Sport Alloy Riding Jeans.

Texture & Materials.

Those riding jeans are made of a high quality 12 oz. distressed denim. This perfectly suits you if you are looking forward to purchasing low profile motorcycle pants. Moreover, it will provide you with the desired fashionable look and durability.

Last but not least, this denim motorcycle pants has a fixed 100% polyester antibacterial mesh lining for your convenience.

Did we mention that those motorcycle pants are can be washed & dried in normal washing machines?


The AGV Sport Alloy riding jeans can be loaded with CE certified knee protectors to protect your beloved knees against impacts on a bad day. There is a compartment for hip armor too in case you want to add more protection (paddings and armors are not included with the jeans, they are sold separately).

Now, a very important feature when it comes to motorcycle pants protection is the availability of Kevlar within the fabric.  Motorcycle Kevlar Jeans will provide you with the best protection against abrasion during an unpleasant, long skid.

The AGV Sport Alloy Riding Jeans is equipped with DuPont Kevlar reinforcements in all of the critical areas that are subjected to high abrasion.

Fitment & Closure.

For secure fitment (which you definitely want with your biker jeans), this Kevlar motorcycle pants has 20MM brushed steel buttons. There are two options for closure; either a 4 button fly or a classical metal front zipper.

Riders’ Feedback.

As always, we try to bring you some of the riders’ feedback about the product that we are reviewing (if it’s applicable). The common concern that most motorcyclists have about those biker jeans were the size.

Riders really advice future purchasers to either try the pants’ size before ordering it, or go for a larger size than their usual one. The size charts of the AGV riding jeans is a little bit smaller than usual.

Other than that, most of the comments regarding protection and overall performance were positive.

The Price.

You can add this motorcycle pants to your collection for a reasonable price. We see this option as one of the best deals on the market when it comes to money paid for the value.  A really good option that you should consider if you are going for denim/Kevlar motorcycle pants.

Hopefully, we contributed in adding some options to your motorcycle pants category. We do our very best to review some of the best motorcycle products for our beloved readers.

Ride Safely and enjoy your rides!