Alpinestars SMX 1 Air Gloves.

Alpinestars SMX 1 Air Gloves

Hello, Fellas! If you are looking forward to protecting your hands during riding in warm weather, the Alpinestars SMX 1 Air Gloves is probably one of the best options. Those Alpinestars gloves will provide you with the equilibrium point between protection and airflow.

Let’s take a closer look at its features…..

Alpinestars SMX 1 Air Gloves Features.

Comfort, Durability & Airflow.

The Alpinestars SMX 1 Air Gloves is constructed from goat leather, along with an internal 3D mesh that is positioned on top of your hand. That will provide you with the best comfort and airflow while riding.

The manufacturers made sure to support you with the highest level of flexibility while wearing those motorcycle gloves, by installing a stretch insert between the thumb and the palm. A really practical addition for a more comfortable hand grips to the handlebars.

Also, those Alpinestars gloves have stretch mesh fourchettes for improved fitment and durability and sued reinforced fingertips for better sensitivity.

No Need to Take Off Your Motorcycle Gloves for GPS & Cellphone Usage.

The Alpinestars SMX 1 Air Gloves is loaded with a very beneficial feature for your convenience; each and every rider around the globe, definitely hates taking off his/her motorcycle gloves for using smartphones or any touchscreen device.

Well, the touchscreen compatible fingertips that are installed in those gloves will make your life way easier from now on.

Protection & Reinforcement.

A Molded hard knuckle protection (Nylon Compound one) is the primary protection feature of the Alpinestars SMX 1 Air Gloves. Yet, there are other securing features such as, sued reinforcements that are on the outer hand. Those reinforcements contain foam paddings to protect you against abrasion.

Your palm, backhand, and outer thumb are protected by energy-absorbing EVA foam. This will primarily protect you against hard impacts and secondarily from abrasions. Last but not least, the Sonic welded TPR finger sliders will additionally secure you against abrasion.

alpinestars smx 1

Closure & Fitment.

The Alpinestars SMX 1 Air Gloves have a VELCRO brand cuff along with a TPR puller for secure closure at all times. Moreover, a pre-curved finger construction was followed with those Alpinestars gloves for a reduction in rider fatigue.

The Sizes.

The gloves are available on the market in Small, Medium, Large, X- Large, 2XL, and 3XL sizes.

The Price.

The Alpinestars SMX 1 Air Gloves gets a $$ rate in our price grading system ($,$$ and $$$). If you are interested in knowing more about the price feel free to click here.

Our Final Call.

Well, if we are going to talk about the price Vs Value, the Alpinestars SMX 1 Air Gloves have a very strong positive reputation about it (at least according to riders’ feedback). We haven’t heard any negative comments so far about those Alpinestars gloves.

However, we would like to highlight the fact that this is a medium safety, short-cuffed motorcycle glove. It does protect your beloved hands, but if you are planning to get a little bit “naughty” with your machine. Then maybe you should consider other alternatives.

Hopefully, we succeeded in feeding you with the information that you were searching for. Enjoy your rides and always wear your safety gear.