Around Egypt on Motorcycle; a World Record Holder’s New Initiative.

Around Egypt on Motorcycle

Hello, Fellas! When ADV motorcycles are mentioned, the first thing that crosses your mind is adventure traveling. Now, if you are an Egyptian (or interested in the Egyptian motorcyclist community), then we are pretty sure that you’ve come across the Around Egypt on Motorcycle initiative.



In this article, we will introduce you to this initiative in depth and talk briefly about its founder. So, let’s take a closer look to figure out what’s behind the buzz.



Around Egypt on Motorcycle; How it All  Started?



ADV motorcycle



It all started back in 2013 when a world record holder (Ali Abdo) decided to start up an initiative that serves his passion. Around Egypt on Motorcycle has grabbed the spotlights both nationally and internationally, due to its objectives and nature that fired up the dimmed passion for adventure traveling.



The initiative was covered by multiple well-established publishing houses, and several documentaries were filmed by prestigious media entities to cover Around Egypt on Motorcycle. Also, it’s strongly supported nationally by the Egyptian government due to its significance.



You’re probably wondering what’s the main objective of this rising star initiative? Keep on reading to figure out.



The Initiative’s Goals & Objectives.



In a nutshell, the main aim of Around Egypt on Motorcycle is to display the Egyptian beauty by discovering  its hidden gems through adventure motorcycle traveling. This goal serves the tourism sector in a remarkable way; you would really love to visit some of the destinations that this initiative recommends.



Moreover, the initiative is looking forward to spreading the motorcycling culture in Egypt and increasing the awareness of existing Egyptian motorcyclists about certain issues (regarding safety and riding tips).



Here is a glimpse of what this awesome adventurer has been doing for a while (check the video below).


(click here to check more videos on the official website)


And those are some pictures of the unexplored breathtaking destinations that the initiative recommends for ADV travelers.






Camel Valley
The Camels’ Valley.



White Desert.
The astonishing White Desert!



The Beautiful Nuweiba.



The World Record Holder, Ali Abdo.



Ali Abdo
The Founder.



So who’s behind this initiative (we bet you’re secretly asking yourself now)? Ali Abdo is the founder and owner of Around Egypt on Motorcycle initiative. He is a 33-year-old software engineer that is currently hired by IBM. However, when he is not on duty, he puts on his cape and rush to rescue the Egyptians from their routine, by getting involved in unforgettable adventures.



Ali always had the passion for adventure traveling and he made sure to keep it glowing. He decided that it was about time to break some international records, and that was the moment he decided to go for the Greatest Motorcycle Ride in 7 days challenge. He successfully accomplished it and was throned as a world record holder in this field (Genius Book of Records).




And he achieved the  challenge by following this route (do you think you have what it takes to do it?).



One Hell of a Ride!



When Ali was asked about how he manages his time between work, family, and travel, he simply answers that each and every person has nearly 21 annual leave request. Add a couple of days off to weekends or national holidays and you will have what it takes to travel the world. Also, working from home makes it easier for him to spend some time with his family and work more on the initiative.



Ali is preparing for something huge to serve his initiative (Shush! Tell no one!), and we will be talking about his next adventure in another article (click here to check it).



If this wasn’t inspirational enough for you, we can’t actually think of anything better.