Barbour International Motorcycle Jacket; Keeping the Brits’ Heritage Alive

Barbour International Motorcycle Jacket

Even though the Barbour International motorcycle jacket is spread globally now, yet it was originally the sign of British distinction and uniqueness in the motorcycles’ garment field.

So how did a British motorcycle jacket conquer the international motorbike clothing market? Let’s take a closer look at how it all started to find out.

Barbour International Motorcycle Jacket;  How it All Started.

It all started during the 1930s when Barbour introduced its first wax cotton, green jacket for the International Six Day Trials (ISDT). Nobody expected that this “prototype” would last for nearly 80 years later. Barbour jackets reflect the words “classic” and “authenticity” by all means. No wonder café racer motorcyclists fell in love with the brand and its models.

Evolution of the Barbour Brand.

The Barbour jackets started going viral throughout the 50’s,60’s and 70’s too. You see, in 1964, it was worn exclusively by the American team in the ISDT. Barbour’s share increased to the extent that nearly 72% of the competitors (motorcyclists) wore it in the 1954 ISDT and reached 97% in the 1957 one.

The famous Steve McQueen actor (and biker of course) wore the Barbour International motorcycle jacket to the 1964 East Germany ISDT. As an actor who had a major influence on the motorcyclists during that era, he definitely contributed to Barbour’s expansion of reach.

Barbour Jackets were so good when it came to durability and water insulation that it was actually modified and used by the British submariners during World War 2. Minor changes were applied such as the closure of four pockets and the addition of the O-ring to the zipper for easier closure.

Take a closer look at this video to get to know the brand better…

Video Credits: Barbour

Is it actually safe to wear those jackets while riding?

Let’s set things clear, Barbour International Motorcycle Jackets are not protective ones. So the short answer is simply no. However, it does provide you with a classical and stylish look that you will not get through any other motorcycle clothing.

So should I give up my safety for style?

Of course not, you will be wearing the rest of your safety gear (as we suppose), yet don’t we all need a bit of style while we ride every now and then?

What’s so special about it then?

Authenticity and style sum it up. You can add to it durability and insulation too, but those can be found in other alternatives too. From where we see it, Barbour Motorcycle Jackets resembles exclusivity to its owner.

General Features of the Original Barbour Jacket.

Barbour International Original Jacket

The main body is made of Sylkoil waxed cotton, the lining is premium lightweight cotton and the collar lining is made of cotton corduroy. The Jacket is considered to be regular fit and it’s a hip-length one.  As for the pockets, it has 2 studded hands, a single studded map one, and a last zippered chest pocket.

We will be talking about Barbour’s different collections in later articles. Stay safe and enjoy your rides fellas!