How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Helmet.

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Helmet

Hello, fellas! Your riding gear acts as the safety net when things go bad. Motorcycle boots, body armor, gloves and your motorcycle helmet, all work together in harmony to limit the damage. Most fatal injuries for two-wheelers are the ones that target the head. We do realise that it’s way cooler to ride without your head protection. Yet, we also saw the downsides of not wearing  motorbike helmets during a crash. Today we will help you in picking up the best motorcycle helmet  that fulfils your needs; we are going to highlight the main factors that should be taken into consideration while purchasing your head insurance policy.

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Helmet
Choosing the best motorcycle helmet will keep you safe.

The Best Motorcycle Helmet Should Be Safe.


There are hundreds of motorcycle helmets on the market nowadays; some are well-known brands while others we never heard about. The most important factor that you should keep in mind (that’s why we stated it first) is the level of safety that it provides. A safe helmet is a certified one; Department of Safety (DOT) certified, Snell or ECE (we will explain the difference in another article). Those are helmet safety standards where the helmet has to pass through some safety tests in order to get certified. The best motorcycle helmet is the one that acquired the largest number of safety standards certifications.



The Best Motorcycle Helmet Should Be Fast.


Aerodynamics is the magic word; a helmet that has poor aerodynamics will result in high air resistance. We are not necessarily talking about joining the MotoGP here, a matter of fact high air resistance will also lead to higher physical pressure on the rider which can make your ride a more tiring one. The design is the main contributor to the aerodynamics’ efficiency. The best motorcycle helmet  is the one with the practical aerodynamics that gives its rider a smooth riding experience.


Low Weight for a Better Riding Experience.


Apart from the aerodynamics, the helmet’s dimensions and weight are of great importance; you really don’t need to ride along with a “bean bag weight” on your head. Long rides (our touring and ADV friends) with a heavy helmet will cause you nothing but neck pain and will ruin your ride for sure. Always go for the lightweight options as they are more practical and convenient.


The Best Motorcycle Helmet Should Perfectly Fit.


Believe it or not, wearing a helmet which doesn’t perfectly fit your head size can be lethal. A loose helmet will most probably twist during a sudden impact and a tight one will cause more harm than protection. Get your head measurements right (we will help you to do that correctly in another article) and use a size chart while purchasing your helmet. A helmet with the perfect fit is your best motorcycle helmet (click here to check some options).


The Best Closure.


The best motorcycle helmet should have a reliable closure. The easy to press the release button won’t do you any good. We don’t know about you, but in case of emergencies, we love to have our helmets attached to our heads. A good helmet will have a combination of a strap on that is supported with a button, to keep the helmet on your head at all times.



The Best Motorcycle Helmet Isn’t Cheap.


That’s a fact. It doesn’t necessarily need to cost you a fortune, but we will be fooling you if we said that you can find cheap ones (that actually does the job). The pricing is listed last among the other factors as we do believe that you should invest a lot in it. Once you are on your motorcycle, you are no longer in the cozy (yet boring) steel cage and you are subjected to more injuries.


We hope that this article helped in how to buy the best motorcycle helmet. We will be reviewing some specific helmets very soon in other articles for your convenience. Remember to always put on your helmet once your keys are in the ignition. Happy Riding Two-Wheelers!