Biker Jeans: a Necessity, not Luxury.

Biker Jeans

“Motorcycle boots, check. Helmet, check. Motorcycle Jacket, check. Motorcycle pants, Nah, no need to, I’m good.” That’s the most common mistake that our fellow riders do; they don’t consider the biker jeans as a necessary part of their safety gear, rather a luxury and fashion exposure for their rides. The Two-Wheelers team decided to highlight the importance of wearing motorcycle jeans, in an attempt to increase the awareness of our audience about the underestimated consequences of not wearing them.

Biker Jeans
They’re for safety too. Not only style.

Biker Jeans Reduce Impact


If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t love walking around with armor (especially knee armor), then the least you can do is purchase a knee insurance through wearing biker jeans. Motorcycle jeans often have padding that is placed in hidden pockets over the knees to absorb the hit, in case you were having a bad day on the road. Knee injuries are the most painful and the hardest when it comes to recovery too. Motorcycle pants may not be the best solution for riders who love to drag a knee at corners (full racing suits with knee armors are way better), yet it is better than normal denim jeans that may look great but won’t get the job done.



Skidding Is More Fun with Biker Jeans


Rolling over for hundreds of meters on the tough asphalt is not fun. Well, it can be if you are wearing your motorcycle pants (you can save yourself the roller coaster ticket). Normal jeans wouldn’t stand a chance when being dragged on asphalt for so long, neither does plain skin (for all the tough guys who go riding with shorts). Biker jeans usually have a thicker thread and a more complicated stitching style that makes it more resistant to abrasion. Actually, Kevlar motorcycle jeans will give you the best protection when it comes to this part. Don’t underestimate the power of asphalt abrasion while riding, they may result in first-degree burn marks if you were going fast.


A Cool Breeze Is Always Refreshing


Getting all sweaty in your jeans while riding isn’t an enjoyable feeling. Unlike our comfortable cars where the engine is isolated from the dull and quite salon, when you are riding a motorcycle it’s kind of different. You are literally placing a running engine between your legs that generates a tremendous amount of heat. Biker jeans usually have certain parts with an air flow mesh that allows you to cool down while riding. That’s a plus that you won’t find in normal jeans (unless it’s torn and worn out).



To wrap things up, wearing biker jeans on your rides is crucial. We see it as the best alternative to full riding suits and armors. Protecting your lower torso is important as your upper one too. There are various options for motorcycle pants that we are going to discuss in details later on in other articles. Hopefully, this article revealed why motorcycle pants are a necessity and always remember to wear your boots and helmet. The Two-Wheelers team is wishing you lots of safe rides filled with joy (and adrenaline).