Café Racers; a Shining Star among the Vintage Motorcycles

Vintage Motorcycles

Classic motorcycles are unique. We all need to admit that once a rider steps on one of them, his/her level of attractiveness is doubled. There is a mysterious bond between people and classics; music, cars and even fashion where old trends are always revived years later on. The same bond can be applied to the motorbike world. Vintage motorcycles are becoming more popular nowadays; more riders are searching for classic bikes and others are even building their own *sigh*.

Vintage Motorcycles
Cafe Racer motorcycles will always leave you breathless.

There are various types of two wheels that fall under the vintage motorcycles category; café racers, scrambler, war motorbikes and many others. We will start by spotting the light on the café racer motorcycles as they are considered to be one of the most popular styles within this category.



History of Café Racers within Vintage Motorcycles.

Most probably the first thing that will grab your attention about this type is its name. What is the reason behind its naming? Well, it all started in the UK during the 60s where the Rockers (a famous rock and roll band) needed a fast and easy way to get around between cafes and bars to perform.

Another saying is that the name evolved within the vintage motorcycles during an Isle of Man tournament ( AKA the most awesome show on earth) as it was given to a specific racer that used to park his bike near him at the café when he is not racing. We really don’t care much about the origin of its naming, we are just glad to have café racers in our lives (and we bet that’s how you feel too).


Features of the Café Racers Motorcycles.

Café Racers are not the most comfortable type of motorbikes in the vintage motorcycles category. You definitely don’t want to go for a long ride on one of them. As it was previously mentioned, the café racers were used for short and quick rides between cafes. A café racer is a lightweight motorcycle that is designed for speed and handling. They are not equipped with the most powerful engines, yet it will do the job. Also, the most recognizable feature is the absence of fairings (or low presence) from the bike.

Riding a café racer will make you sexier, that’s a fact. However, you be able to take a passenger along for rides (too bad we know) as most of them are single seated (back seat cowl). long tanks, low mounted handlebars, and many other features distinguish this type from others. You can easily recognize a café racer motorbike, even if you are not a vintage motorcycles expert.



The Evolution of Café Racers.

Nowadays many motorcycle manufacturers started producing modern café racers bikes. Merging elements from American Greaser, 70s bikes, British Rocker and modern bikes, those companies revived the café racers motorbikes in an outstanding way. On the other hand, if you want to feel the authenticity of a café racer, you can always build your own. Vintage motorcycles are always different when they are built or restored by their owners.

We will be talking about different café racer models and more types of vintage motorcycles in other articles. Moreover, we will be conducting an interview with a café racer builder (the owner of the cafe racer in the picture) very soon so you can get a better outlook on the experience. Stay tuned for the article and we wish you enjoyable rides until then.