The Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet Review.

Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet Review

The Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet was first released in 2014. However, It's considered to be one of the best motorcycle helmets within its category. if you are looking for the best value for money when you are purchasing your health safety insurance, then you've got to take a closer look at the Bell Qualifier DLX option.

Unlike the Scorpion and Shoei helmets that we've reviewed earlier. this option is a little bit cheaper, we’re talking about mid-priced helmets with exclusive features that aren't usually present within this category.

Let's take a closer look to find out what makes the DLX helmet stand out from the crowd….

Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet


Features of the Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet:

Fitment & Safety.

The Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet falls under the intermediate oval shaped helmets. It weighs 3.34 lbs thanks to its polycarbonate shell. The helmet is both DOT & ECE certified.

This Bell helmet is loaded with a chin strap and a D ring closure system.

Ventilation & Aerodynamics & Noise Levels.

Chin, Eyebrows and head front air intakes work in harmony with the rear upper and lower vents to ensure the best air ventilation. Moreover, the padded wind collar reduces the noise significantly. However, riders report that noise is considered to be above average with the Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet, especially the upper part.

Outstanding feedbacks have been published though regarding the ventilation efficiency, whether we’re talking about the head or chin vents.

Visibility & Eye Port.

One of the very few options that you may find in this motorcycle helmet category (regarding price) is the availability of a Transitional Photochromatic Face Shield that darkens in the presence of UV rays. The overall visibility has been reported to be above average according to rider’s and merchants’ feedbacks.

On the other hand, others report that the first opening (for defogging and extra air flow) is a little bit wide. We don’t see it as a fatal negative comment.

The Bell Qualifier DLX helmet has a NutraFog II antifog, and anti-scratch visor installed to provide you with the best performance and enhanced visibility.

The Interior.

Other than the usual moisture-wicking and removable, washable interior padding, the DLX helmet has built-in compartments for Bluetooth speakers; the SENA SMH10, and the Cardo Scala Rider Q1/Q3 Bluetooth headsets and intercom. Adaptor plates are offered too for your convenience.

Pros & Cons.

To make things more clear, we decided to list the pros and cons in a table for you, so you can get a better overview on the Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet.

Best Value for MoneyRelatively Loud Noise
Bluetooth IntegrationLarge First Opening
Superb Ventilation
Transitional Photochromatic Face Shield

Our Final Verdict.

According to the data we collected from feedbacks, videos, and previous reviews, we can clearly tell that the Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet should definitely be an option (winning one if you want our honest, biased opinion). It has the best value for money, offers you features that you can’t find in other alternatives in the same category, and all of that without giving up quality. What else can you possibly ask for?

Did we mention that there is a 5 years warranty too?





Shoei GT-Air Helmet; Why Is it Still Popular 4 Years Later?


The Shoei GT-Air Helmet was released in 2013. Even though it has been nearly 4 years since its release date, yet it’s considered to be one of the most popular premium helmets.

There’s no room for questioning the credibility of Shoei as a motorcycle helmet brand. But, is goodwill the only reason behind this model’s sustainability?

We decided to take you through a quick review of the Shoei GT-Air motorcycle helmet. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you shall decide yourself whether it deserves to be one of the top motorcycle helmets within its category.

Shoei GT-Air Helmet Material.

The Shoei GT-Air is engineered using an Advanced Integrated Matrix (AIM) system. In English, the manufacturer combined high-performance fiber materials with elastic organic fibers. As a result, the shell’s most significant features are rigidity and ultra light-weight.

The Aerodynamics.

The helmet was tested under extreme conditions in Shoei’s wind tunnel in Japan. Yet, the engineers didn’t totally rely on numbers and machines when it comes to the aerodynamics design; professional riders’ feedbacks were taken into consideration too.

The Shoei GT-Air has a molded air spoiler that reduces the pressure on your neck in case you decided to go a little bit speedy (by a little bit we do mean insanely speeding ).

The Ventilation.

According to riders’ feedbacks, this helmet is one of the best options on the market when it comes to effective ventilation. The upper tunnel allows maximum volume of air flow and performance behind wind screens.

Moreover, the lower air intake vent reduces defrosting and fogging. Rear exhaust vents work like a charm, leaving no chance for heat to build up.

shoei gt air helmet

The Interior.

If you own a Shoei-GT Air helmet, then you have already experienced the luxury of its “salon”.  A 3-D Max-Dry center pad, along with multi-layered polyurethane foam cheek pads (removable ones). The interior is Eyeglass compatible too.

Another great future that many riders underestimate its importance (including you of course) is the Emergency Quick Release System (E.Q.R.S). We all experience bad days while riding and don’t expect all medics to be helmet experts when it comes to its removal.

An Exceptional shoei gt air Sun Shield Visor.

If you are searching for an internal sun visor with HD image resolution that will both protect you and provide a clear image. Then, search no more. A Built-in QSV-1 sun shield that meets the ANSI Z80.3-2010 standard for non-prescription glasses.

Forget About the Lousy Noise.

Mix the distinctive aerodynamics, ventilation and interior features that were previously mentioned. What do you get? An extremely quite Shoei-GT Air motorcycle helmet.  Probably one of the quietest helmets you can ever have.

The chin curtains and the Dual-Ridge window bead contribute significantly to the noise reduction feature.

Why Popular 4 Years Later After Production?

Our evaluation is as follows:

-    Great inner sun visor quality.

-    Excellent noise reduction feature.

-    Rigid and ultra-lightweight shell (3.67 lbs).

What Are the Downsides?

Well, it’s only DOT certified. We can’t really tell why Shoei didn't go for the rest.

The Shoei GT Price.

Well, according to our grading system ($,$$,$$$), the Shoei GT helmet can take a $$$ (that’s an estimate at the time of publishing this article). Yes, it’s a little bit expensive. But, you can clearly tell the difference between a $200 and a Shoei Helmet.


Want to Check Further Shoei Options?

More options? No Problem!

Hopefully, our review answered the mystery behind this model's fame. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the Shoei GT- Air, take a look at the Scorpion EXO-1000.

Scorpion EXO 1000: Is it worth the $$?

Scorpion EXO 1000

Last time we talked briefly about the different types of helmets, along with the pros and cons about each (click here to check the article). Today, we will review the Scorpion EXO 1000 helmet. One of the many Scorpion EXO models on the market.

Features of the Scorpion EXO 1000 Helmet.

OuterShell Composition.

Even though the outer shell is made of a Fiberglass/Kevlar matrix shell, yet the overall weight of the EXO 1000 is considered to be relatively heavy compared to other helmets (1821 grams). Is the helmet safe? Sure, it is. It’s Snell/DOT certified too.

However, this extra weight is due to the various features that the helmet is loaded with and that we are going to discuss later on in details.

The Visor.

The Scorpion EXO 1000 is equipped with the SpeedShift feature; this basically makes it easier to remove/install the visor for cleaning. Moreover, it has a 3 options side lock to allows you to either lock, unlock or slide the visor at a midway position for further ventilation.

On the other hand, we need to highlight the fact that we experienced some troubles with completely sealing the visor sometimes. There were times where there was a tiny spacing between the lower part of the visor and the rubber sealing.

Also, the EXO 1000 has the EverClear No-Fog technology to provide you with a clear vision while riding at all times. This technology works in harmony with the breath deflector for optimal performance. We haven’t experienced any troubles with this feature ourselves (neither we did hear any negative feedbacks about it from motorcyclists).

Last but not least, the Scorpion EXO 1000 is loaded with an internal smoked sun visor (sliding one) as many of other Scorpion Motorcycle Helmets. Personally, we haven’t experienced any problems with the sliding mechanism of the smoked visor. Yet, sometimes the lower end of the visor is centered with the rider’s line of sight while riding.

We guess it’s all about your facial features and proportions. Nothing Serious.

Internal Lining.

This is the most awesome part about the Scorpion EXO 1000. It has a KwikWick moisture-wicking liner and cheek pads. This feature is really convenient if you get a little bit sweaty while riding.The moisture absorption of the materials is outstanding and the liner is really easy to remove for the wash.

In addition, the EXO 1000 has an inflatable liner to more size adjustment for your convenience. We strongly believe that the perfect fitment of the helmet is one of the important features of the best motorcycle helmets. You can check a previously published article about this topic (click here to check the article).

The Aerodynamic and Air Flow.

The Scorpion EXO 1000 has multiple air vents.  One located at the chin, another at the eyebrows and two lower rear ones (for heat dispersal) along with a rear one in the upper spoiler. Yes, that’s a lot of airflow vents in a single helmet. But, as you can imagine, it comes with a price and that’s the level of noise.

The vents allow a relatively fair amount of air flow through the helmet (indirect one). Some riders had a complain that the amount of air is not sufficient, taking the number of vents into consideration.

We can’t really comment on this feedback as we didn’t experience this issue (or because Egypt is usually hot throughout the whole year).

The rear spoiler is a really good addition to the aerodynamics part. It’s really efficient if you are riding at high speeds.

Scorpion EXO 1000 Vents
Rear Spoiler and Vents

Our Final Call.

Is the Scorpion EXO 1000 worth your $$ ? Well, we can’t really tell. It’s your call. But, we can help you in taking the decision. The EXO 1000 is supposed to be a track/street motorcycle helmet. It’s relatively practical due to the multiple features that the helmet has.

Yet, those “many” features affected the performance (noise level, weight)  indirectly. If you are a rider who is looking for a practical and safe option, then yes, this might be an option that you may want to consider.

On the other hand, if you are an extreme racer who is looking for a safe helmet with minimum features and maximum performance, then we suggest that you might take a look at other alternatives.

Hopefully, this review gave you the insights you were looking for about the Scorpion EXO 1000 model.  Enjoy your rides Two Wheelers and stay safe!