Why install a motorcycle power commander?

تعديل الموتوسيكل

Motorcycle tuning is a contagious addiction that most motorcyclists get infected with; once you hop on your first two wheels, the first thing that crosses your mind is let’s pump this machine up. There are so many ways to tune up your beloved machine, and if you have been riding for a while, we are pretty sure that you have heard the Power Commander term.

In this article, we decided to discuss why you should install a motorcycle power commander, and reveal its exact effectiveness on your motorcycle’s overall performance.

What is the Power Commander?

If the tuning process was a tree, we can clearly state that tuning categories are its branches. You can modify parts regarding the ignition & fuel, exhaust, fairings, and drivetrain systems. It all depends on the tweaks that you are willing to apply on your motorbike.

Installing a Power Commander is considered to be an ignition & fuel system upgrade. So what does this magical fist-size tool brings to the table? Carry on reading to find out…..

The Power Commander kit basically moderates the fuel with air combustion, bringing more power to your motorcycle by increasing its efficiency (that’s the simple way to say it). This kit is installed between the main ECU and your fuel system to do its job.

This magical kit will give you access to tools that can either turn your motorcycle into a stoppable beast, or a dying one (in case you are clueless about what you are doing regarding the setup).

Don’t panic, it’s not rocket science, and we will be talking later about how to install and tune your power commander in details (according to its model).

But for now, let’s talk briefly about the basics.

How to Install your Motorcycle Power Commander Device.

The process is not complicated by any means. The kit has a cable that it directly connected to the ECU unit to override the connection. The kit itself can be placed in your backseat storage unit. For more understanding on the installation process, feel free to check this video.

It’s a piece of cake if you know your motorcycle’s “anatomy”. Some motorcycles are easier when it comes to a power commander installation than others due to the ease of access to its ECU and fuel system (cruisers, for example, are easier than racers since the engine is more exposed and it’s not covered by fairings). However, this isn’t a general rule for sure.

If you don’t feel comfortable with installing the kit itself, it’s better to visit the nearest motorcycle repair shop and get it done there.

Power Commander Models.

The most popular two are the Power Commander 3 USB and the Power Commander 5. Each of the previously mentioned ones fit a specific motorcycle model and has its own features.

تعديل الموتوسيكل
Power Commander 3 USB
Power Commander 5
Power Commander 5

Tuning your Power Commander.

Well, that’s the tricky part. This subject needs detailed explanation as you don’t really want to mess up your engine by flooding it with fuel or whatever wrong tuning technique. You can feel free to check our motorcycle power commander tuning and mapping guide anytime to get the full knowledge (or at least the important ones) about this issue.

Why Should I Upgrade My Motorcycle Handlebars?

Motorcycle Handlebars

Two-wheelers love to spoil their machines. Upgrading and tuning are just something that runs through our blood. Upgrading your bike for more power is great, but so does upgrading the stability. Motorcycle handlebars contribute significantly to your motorcycle’s stability. Many bikers think that handlebars’ tuning is only related to style. Yet, this is not the case if you are looking forward to tuning your bike for a better performance. We are going to discuss the main reasons behind considering to change your motorcycle handlebars in details to provide you with a wider overview about its importance.



Motorcycle Handlebars for the Right Posture.


Your comfort is important when you are on two wheels. Especially, when you are going for a long ride. Some stock handlebars may not provide you with the best posture while riding. On the long run, that may cause you serious back pain as well as numb arms and hands (numb hands are not good when they are on the throttle). The perfect motorcycle handlebars will give you the right posture for more enjoyable rides. If your current ones don’t make you feel good, then it’s time to replace them.


New Motorcycle Handlebars for Better Stability.


Now let’s focus more on the technical part. Motorcycle handlebars affect your stability while riding. Street-fighter bike riders, for example, tend to install wider handlebars for more control over the high-torque (not a general rule). Some racers prefer to add stabilisers to for their handlebars to control the level of steering sensitivity (we will talk about that in a later article). The shape, the dimensions and the materials of the motorcycle handlebars are the decisive factors for the upgrade results. U-Shaped, straight ones, wide, narrow, the possibilities of mixing those factors to get different results are endless. When you are searching for new handlebars in the bike parts shop, make sure that you choose the right one that will provide you with the expected performance.

Motorcycle Handlebars
Stabilisers are an important attachment to the motorcycle handlebars

Motorcycle Handlebars Can Add Style.


There are various other modifications that can be done to your bike for grabbing attention. However, you have to admit that a cruiser motorcycle with an ape hanger will definitely be noticed (even though it affects the stability drastically in a negative way). Chopper motorcycles are the masters of handlebar and front fork customisation too. Customising motorcycle handlebars can add a remarkable twist to your bike too, as any other modification. On the other hand, it is really important to find the balance point between performance and looks when it comes to this part.

Ape Hang Motorcycle Handlebars
Ape Hang Motorcycle Handlebars can add style to your motorcycle.

Motorcycle handlebars affect both your manoeuvring capability and stability while you are riding. If you have been on a motorcycle for a while, then we are pretty sure that you realise the importance of these two factors in saving the day (which is good news since you are not playing one of the motorcycle games). We hope that we added some knowledge in this article and we will be talking about the different types of motorcycle handlebars very soon. Ride safely and always be proud to be a part of the two-wheelers community.




Top 3 Best Motorcycle Covers (Benefits of Using a Motorcycle Cover & How to Choose One).

Best Motorcycle Cover

Motorcycle accessories aren’t just upgrades. This is a misconception that is widely spread among the two wheelers’ community. We mean, of course, there is an ultimate pleasure that you can get from tuning your bike. Yet, bikers often skip some very basic accessories that are essential for their precious machines. A motorcycle cover is among them. Isn’t it just wrong to leave your motorcycle outside in the dark, cold driveway while you are inside, enjoying the warmth and the good company? (Yes, we’re trying to make you feel guilty about it).

Motorcycle Cover
Spoil you ride, buy it a motorcycle cover.

There are multiple benefits of using a motorcycle cover that you most probably didn’t notice, even after several years of riding. Usually, bikers start to realize the benefits of using a bike cover after seeing the negative side effects (which is too late). So, we decided to give you a head ups and warn you from falling into this trap.

Keeps Your Paint Fresh.

Motorcycles are subjected to very harsh conditions while they are on the move; high temperature, mud and dust (raise your hands trail bikers) and high speed (a special dedication for our fellow racers). It would be nice to give your motorcycle a break while it’s at rest (it will love you more). Parking your bike in direct sunlight and rain without any protection will make your paint fade away gradually. It’s an accumulative process, you won’t wake up one day to find that your dark red bike turned pink, but I can assure you that there will come the day when you are scrolling down the old pictures of your bike, and only then you will definitely notice the difference in your paint color. Using a motorcycle cover from day one will save you from witnessing that day.


A Bike Cover Keeps the Dust Away.

This is the part where you will say: “ That’s why we have water, to clean our bikes”. You’re right, washing the bike is important not only for the sake of cleanliness but for performance too. However, preventing large dust particles from resting on your bike is important. Especially, near the engine and the electric circuits. Adding water “while washing” to these large dust particles will just make things worse as it may affect sensitive bike parts (engine tubes, brakes, chain, ..etc). A motorcycle cover will even make your washing experience smoother and keeps your motorcycle running like new.



Perfect Companion for Camping.



We are not talking about touring enthusiasts who love to take their branded tents along for camping. No, we mean those primitive two-wheelers who keep 24/7 on the road. The ones who just find a perfect spot to park then lay down on the floor and watch the sky. In other words, the adventurous ones who love to travel lightly. A motorcycle cover is their best companion as they stretch it between bikes (or pin the other side to the floor), making a simple tent for shelter.



Mystery to Passerby (and protection too).



We love people to check our bikes while parked in admiration, and we love to kill the ones who touch it too (well, not literally). The motorcycle cover will save you the hassle of people touching your dear friend. Not only that, a bike cover will always raise a passerby’s curiosity; just seeing a couple of inches from the rims and exhaust will just drive nosy people crazy. We see this as the perfect torture method for that kind of people.


Features of the Best Motorcycle Cover.

There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind when you are about to buy your “motorcycle shelter”. Here are the most important features that should be present in any convenient bike cover.


1. A Waterproof Motorbike Cover.

Well, materials are of great importance. We use motorcycle covers to protect our beloved machines. The best motorcycle cover will definitely keep your motorcycle dry.


2. A Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover with High-Quality inner lining.

A heavy duty motorcycle cover with soft and tender inner coating will keep your paint clean. We don’t know about you, but scratching the motorcycle’s paint using the protection insurance (bike cover) you just bought is really irritating.


3. The Best Fittment.


Last but not least, you need to bring the right size for your motorcycle. Loose motorbike covers are totally useless, will get torn out easily and most probably you will throw it away after a couple of times. It’s also better to buy one with a strap or scotch tape too for better fitment.

The Top 3 Motorbike Covers on the Market.

So ladies and gents. After highlighting the importance of using a motorcycle cover, and how to choose the best one. We decided to bring you some of the best motorbike covers that you can choose from.



1. The Dowco 50003-02 Guardian Weather All Plus Motorcycle Cover.

motorcycle covers waterproof
Features: This cover is suitable for all climates due to its high-quality materials. It’s a waterproof motorcycle cover that is also breathable. Soft cotton is used to protect the windshield of the motorcycle (because scratched windshields are painful) and it has a Sew-in grommets which allow the wheel lock to pass through. In addition, the bike cover has a Reflective Moisture-Guard vent system which prevents the moisture from building up under the cover.



Price: The price depends on the size and the type of the motorcycle (Cruiser, Sport, Scooter,…etc). You can know more about the pricing by clicking here.



2. The Rust-Oleum Motorcycle Cover.

heavy duty motorcycle cover
Features: The bike cover has a Corrode Blok Active Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) Technology which reduces rust and corrosion. Also, it’s composed of 3 layers which make it durable, yet lightweight. The PVC-free UV protected material remains flexible even while being subjected to the coldest climates and it’s fade resistant. This cover is the same as the previously mentioned one when it comes to water resistance and breathability.



Price: It’s a little bit cheaper than the previously mentioned one. Get to know more about the price by clicking here.



3. The XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover.

best motorbike cover
Features: This is one of the best motorbike covers on the market. It has two aluminum Lockholes, fits up to 108-inch motorcycles, and it’s water resistant. The fabric is double stitched to ensure strength too. The bike cover is resistant to fading too, and it has a lockable bottom to keep the cover secured on your motorcycle during windy days. This option is considered to be the best cheap motorcycle cover.



Price: This option is the cheapest. You can know more about it by clicking here.
Don’t spend a fortune on motorcycle boots and helmets (apparel in general) and neglect the basic needs of your bike. We hope that two-wheelers will start paying more attention to this important accessory from now on. Buying a motorcycle cover isn’t an expensive investment. We spend way more on motorcycle upgrades and tuning. Make sure to spoil your ride with a bike cover to keep it working efficiently and shine like new.



Hopefully, this article helped you in understanding the benefits of using a motorcycle cover. Also, we hope that we kind of helped you in choosing the best “motorcycle shelter” for your machine.