Rat’s Hole Bike Show; How the World’s First Tattooed Motorcycle “The Recidivist” Stole the Spotlights.

Rat's Hole Bike Show

Rat's Hole Bike Show was on fire this year. Game Over Cycles (GOC) is known for their creative motorcycle modifications and tuning. We’ve featured them earlier in their breathtaking Harley Davidson project that was customized for the Hard Rock Café.

Today, we decided to introduce you to another project that we can’t describe it with anything other than miraculous; you see GOC took their business to a whole new level when they decided to make “The Recidivist”; the first tattooed motorcycle in the world.

Rat's Hole Bike Show (1)

How it all Started?

Stanislaw Myszkowski, owner of GOC said that their inspiration for building “The Recidivist” originated from the motorcycle community itself. He elaborated by saying that you can clearly see inked motorcyclists moving around with tattoos that demonstrates their characters.

The motorcycle’s name came from the turbulent post-war era that left a notable print on the motorcyclists back then. A huge fraction of this community decided to live their life to the fullest, regardless of how their actions stood from the law.

The Execution.

GOC decided to cover the whole motorcycle in leather and ink it. This gave the motorcycle an exceptional overall look, an old-school style that will simply sink deep in the back of your mind. The leather material will give you the impression of starring at a living creature, a unique one that you can’t really take your eyes off it.

The motorcycle’s frame was made from scratch; the team decided to sculpt the frame into a human’s spine.


Well, introducing an old-school motorcycle without showing all of the modern, electric cables and units was definitely one of the toughest challenges that GOC faced. Concealing the modern elements in “The Recidivist” was not an easy task by all means.

Motorcycle Elements.

Unlike GOC’s previous Harley Davidson project that consisted of musical instruments. “The Recidivist”  is made of various underground criminal elements;  levers that are made in the shape of butterfly knives, front brake calipers that look like handcuffs, too much detail that will leave you with a dropped jaw.

Cheyenne Bike - The Recidivist (girls) (4)
Knuckle Dusters Backlight?

Also, the front suspension looked pretty much like a tattoo coil machine. Did we mention that they used a knuckle duster as the rear lamp for their project?

Now, enough with the chit-chat, we’ll leave you with this documentary that shows exactly how “The Recidivist” came to life.

“The Recidivist” at Rat's Hole Bike Show (77th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally).

The motorcycle’s first reveal was in 2014 at the London International Tattoo Convention 2014. However, this tattooed beast decided to go wild on US soil during the Rat’s Hole Bike Show and the Labor Day, Weekend Rally in Milwaukee (Harley Davidson Museum). You see, it may not be the first time for “The Recidivist” to be exposed to spotlights, yet it was its tattooed first time appearance at the Sturgis Rally.

Also, it was the first appearance for the tattooed sidecar that isn't any less authentic than the original motorcycle.

The motorbike has won the 1st place for the “Most Unusual” category in the Rat's Hole Bike Show and GOC’s trip to the USA  ended with another 1st place award at the Harley Davidson Custom Bike Show in Milwaukee. The latter was presented to GOC  by Bill Davidson, Vice-President of the Harley-Davidson Museum and his legendary father Willie G. Davidson, the grandson of one of the founders of Harley-Davidson company.

However, there is a long list of awards that “The Recidivist” reaped. Let’s take a closer look…

Current Awards held by “The Recidivist”

  • "Best paint/airbrush" at Custombike-Show - world's biggest trade fair for modified bikes (12.2014, Bad Salzuflen, Germany)
  • 1st place in the "Best Painting" category at Custom Bikes Championships (03.2015, Wrocław, Poland )
  • Bike of The Year 2015 - Chopper Magazine award (03.2015, Wrocław, Poland )
  • Three awards at Custom Festival - Polish Custom Bikes Championship 2015 (04.2015, Poznań, Poland):

- 1st place in "Best Paint' category

- 3rd place in "Free Style"

- Special Award for best bike of the show from Custom Chrome Europe

  • Two awards at European Bike Week 2015, Europe's biggest bike rally (09.2015, Faaker-See, Austria):

- 1st place in the "Custom" category

- Audience award — "People's Choice Award"

  • 1st place in the “PRO Class” in the Harley-Davidson Museum Custom Bike Show, one of the largest custom bike shows in the USA (09.2019, Milwaukee, USA)
  • 1st place in the „Most Unusual” class in the Rat's Hole Bike Show, the oldest and most prestigious custom bike show in the world organized at the Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™, the biggest motorcycle rally in the world (08.2017, USA)
Facts & Technical Information (Bike & Sidecar)BikeSidecar
DimensionsOverall length 265 cm, width 185 cm.
Weight380 Kg155 Kg.
EngineTwin Cam 96”-
LeatherKult Motor DRPKM Leather Design
TattooTomasz Lech - Individuum Tattoo, Krzysztof Królak - Rock'n'Roll Tattoo and Piercing WarszawaArtur Wiśniowski – Moto-Paint

To Wrap Things Up.

We really can’t put how we feel into words. Whenever our eyes fall on a project that’s executed by GOC, our passion for custom motorcycles just gets stronger. Their masterpieces clearly illustrate how passionate they are about what they’re doing, and they keep adding value to their unique collection.

Photo credits: Tomasz Pulsakowski.

Video Credits: Game Over Cycles.

MotoGP Electric Motorcycles Series by the Year 2019?

MotoGP Electric Motorcycles

Earlier talks with the MotoGP team included some words such as electric motorcycles, single-spec series, and future plans for an open category later on.

It was Corrado Cecchinelli, the MotoGP Director of Technology, who gave some hints and statements to Crash.net website, stating that they are not considering the installation of any electric engines in the existing three tiers for now. However, it’s possible to hold single-spec series at various MotoGP events for starters.

Why Considering the Electric Motorcycles in the MotoGP?

Cecchinelli stated that this transition is going to happen sooner or later; electric motorcycles and clean energy vehicles are the future, so it makes perfect sense to start this transition now.

How is this scheme going to be implemented?

MotoGP Director of Technology stated that they will start executing their plan in its simplest form, in other words, through a spec series. It’s of great importance to highlight the fact of the MotoGP team is still looking for potential sponsors who might be interested with this new direction.

The Former Ducati MotoGP technical director (Cecchinelli) added that of the spec-series started to gain momentum through racers and spectators, an open category can be created for the electric motorcycles. He stated that adding competition will be the next step after this new spec-series become popular.

Does that Mean Lower Adrenaline Rushes for MotoGP Spectators?

Not necessarily, some electric Superbikes such as the LS-218 can hit the 218mph on track (among other options too). After all, if you found out that you’re not a big fan of the clean energy motor racing events, you can still follow the usual ones.

Cecchinelli was asked about his personal opinion on electric motorcycles; his brief reply was that his own experience was involved with a dual sports BMW 1200GS motorbike which wasn’t actually a superbike, yet he enjoyed the relatively lightweight engine.

Moreover, he praised the efficiency and smooth torque delivery of the electric motorbike. On the other hand, the quite engine was a downside from his own point of view (don’t we all love the racing engine noise?).

He added that he thinks that future generations may not like loud engines as he does. He even said that he might change his mind (about the engine noise) himself in the near future.

Bottom Line.

Well, it makes perfect sense for the MotoGP team to start thinking about including a clean energy category to their agenda. It’s the global direction as it was previously mentioned.

Yet, we have some points that are worth to mention; can electric motorbikes be developed to deliver outstanding speed and performance on the track? Yes, it can. Is it more environmentally friendly? Absolutely. Will it actually satisfy the riders and spectators? I guess we`ll figure out three years from now.

Do you think that the new spec-series will be popular enough for the MotoGP team to make an open category after? Do you actually think that this whole scheme is applicable in 2019? Let us hear your thoughts.


Motocross New World Record; Longest Distance in 24 hours.

Motocross Longest Distance 24 hours World Record

Last Thursday, (29th of June 2017), our beloved Around Egypt on a Motorcycle founder (Ali Abdo) and Motoclub Egypt, managed to work hand in hand to break the existing world record for the longest distance on a motocross bike in 24 hours.

The previously held record holder was Paul Oughton who managed to go for 565.74 KM in 24 hours on a Yamaha YZ250. It was achieved in the UK on the 11th of September 2013. However, the Egyptian motorcyclist decided to break this motocross world record on Egyptian land (in El Gouna, Red Sea Governorate to be more specific).

Motocross Longest Distance on a Closed Track Record.

Motoclub Egypt (an Egyptian Motocross & ATV track) decided to host the world record attempt. Ali Abdo’s team was on track by his side the whole 24 hrs. We’ve got to admit that we did witness the high level of professionalism and organization when it came to task delegation and coordination within the team. Media coverage, maintenance, documentation and other functions were present within the team structure.

The Challenges.

For Starters, the wind speed at that day was around 25 knots and the temperature reached 40 degrees Celcius at its peak (noon). Dehydration and Fatigue were Ali’s most common enemies within his 24-hour journey.

In addition, sand dunes were created at the track’s corners (due to the high wind speed) which made it even more challenging for our Egyptian world record holder to main his speed during cornering. Ali experienced two unpleasant tire punctures during his attempt that nearly cost him 2 hours of time.

Ali ended his 24 hours journey after covering 601 Kms on his Honda Tornado (250cc) which makes him the new record holder. We do need to highlight the fact that it’s an unofficial record (until the moment this article was written) as documentation and witnesses’ papers are being processed and sent to Guinness Book of Records at the moment.

What’s next?

Well, let’s just say that the world record successful attempt has been just the start. Motoclub Egypt managed to host its first international racing competition. Egyptian and Djiboutian Motorcycle Unions participated in the race along with racers from the US, UK, Italy, and France too in one of the most diversified and adrenaline pumped motocross races.

There were two main categories (450 & 250 ccs). Each category had two teams and each team to go for 2 Heats (10 laps each). We enjoyed every single moment within the competition, and serious improvements were noticed regarding the club’s organizing efforts for the event.

Here’s a glimpse of what went down…

To Wrap Things Up.

Our trip to the south has never been more amusing. The successful world record attempt by Ali Abdo followed by the international motocross competition was definitely worth our 730 Kms drive to the track.

Ali Abdo has been smashing world records (one record at a time) under the umbrella of Around Egypt on a Motorcycle Initiative for a while. We wish him the best of luck with his future world record attempts.

6 Reasons to Buy a Motor Scooter.

شراء سكوتر مصر

Motorcycle riding is a very convenient way of transportation besides being a hobby. However, in this article, we wanted to emphasize the importance of using the Motor Scooter in specific as a method of transportation.

If you think your motorcycle is the best way to move around (especially during rush hours), think again. We will try to reveal some advantages and talk about Motor Scooters from a different perspective that shows how important it is to acquire a motor scooter, even if you already own a motorcycle.

Why Should You Buy a Motor Scooter?

The Booming Gas Prices.

buy motor scooter

We know, as it may sound stupid, yet please bare with us; We understand that you would probably say isn’t it better to go for the electric scooter? Well, it is, and actually, we’re going to talk about this topic later in a separate article.

But for now, let’s agree that a 125cc motor scooter (for example) is more economic and environmentally friendly than your 1000cc superbike or 1800cc cruiser one. At the end of the day, the motor scooter has a lower rpm range and a smaller engine capacity (in most cases).

Better Maneuvering Ability.

This part is crucial if you live in the big city where rush hours are a pain in the …well you know what we mean (and we mean it literally for motorcyclists). Getting stuck in a traffic jam because your steering angle is limited (as it’s the case in most superbikes), or because your motorbike is too big to pass through (cruisers, touring,…etc) is not the best feeling in the world.

Add to this the possibility of harsh environmental conditions (heat or snow depending on your geographic location) while you are stuck and you shall have the best time of your life.

Lower Running Costs.

This part is self-explanatory; in the world of motorcycles (and motor scooters if that matters), not a single motor scooter rider was seen broke due to running maintenance costs. Seriously, go ahead and compare basic spare parts prices or regular service costs and you will understand our point of view.

A, B, C  Motorcycle Riding?

No offense to motor scooter riders, but riding one of those would be like a walk in the park for motorcycle riders. Most of the motor scooters are automatic, you can tell the difference in the weight too, and of course the engine power and torque.

Curves, taking over vehicles, braking and accelerating are much easier on a motor scooter, some riders may see that this will take away all the fun and we totally agree. Yet, remember we are talking here about practical transportation solutions (more than a hobby).

Long Distance? No Problem.

There is a myth that says that motor scooters can’t stand long distances; take a closer look at some of the world records, and you will find motorcyclists traveling the world with a 50cc motor scooter. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want you to start backpacking and ride around the globe.

However, it’s clear that you can go as far as you can on a motor scooter with the right riding techniques and the correct planning for refueling stops.

Comfortable & Convenient.

شراء سكوتر

The sitting posture is ridiculously comfortable (exclude the touring motorcycles from the comparison, since they miss the high maneuvering ability that we have previously mentioned). Your riding posture is very practical too if you are the kind of person who is willing to go to work on two wheels.

Riding a superbike to work might be cool, but how many times did you end up at work looking like a survivor who battled his way to earning his living. A motor scooter is much more convenient especially if you are one of the “suit guys” at work.

Hopefully, you found this article informative and revealing for the benefits of riding a motor scooter, even if you already own a motorcycle. Stay safe fellas and always remember to enjoy your rides!


Marc Marquez Qualified on Pole for the Austin MotoGP 2017.

Marc Marquez Qualified on Pole for the Austin MotoGP 2017.

Marc Marquez Qualified on Pole for the Austin MotoGP 2017.

The Spanish Honda Repsol racer continues his fifth win strike at the Circuit of America’s during the qualification for the MotoGP’s Austin race in 2017.

The final results were tight; Vinales of Yamaha Movistar team came in second place after a breathtaking and fierce duel in the final lap, coming in second place with a 0.13 of a second gap. His Italian teammate, Valentino Rossi came in 3rd place with an overall timing 2:03:673 in Q2, which makes him 0.923 seconds behind Vinales.

The Yamaha Movistar teammates experienced a close call crash due to what can be clearly described as an aggressive riding incident.  Vinale’s cornering speed was perfect, yet Rossi’s riding technique forced his teammate to back down and shift to a wider track line.

Let’s take a closer look……

Vinale made it clear that there are no hard feelings towards Valentino. He added that most probably the Italian racer didn’t see him coming and that he didn’t block him on purpose. In other words, this situation can happen to anyone including himself. Therefore, he totally understands the situation.

Vinales has been gaining some real momentum (and points if that matters) since the start of the 2017 season; finishing first place at Qatar and Argentina races made on top of the leaderboard with the highest points.

Even though this circuit has been very good to Marc during the past few years, yet the Yamaha’s Spanish rider will be pushing Marc’s limits to new places. That is clearly visible in Marc’s statement: “This circuit has been really good to me in the past years, but Maverick can push me,”.

Marc’s unpleasant crash in Argentina created some space for Vinales and other racers to climb positions on the leaderboard and making Honda’s favorite racer to be on the 8th place for now. Will he be able to find his way up again? Well, we`re about to see that….

The Circuit of the America’s Condition?

According to racers’ feedback, they were “battling” their way on the bumpy surface of this 6-years old circuit.

Actually, it was bumpy enough to be described as a supercross track by Jorge Lorenzo. Moreover, the weather conditions made it even worse; cool temperatures made things more challenging and lead to a series of unpleasant crashes during practice.

Alex Rins of Suzuki Team was left with a broken left wrist that knocked him out of today’s race. Marc was going to join Alex too, yet he was a little bit more fortunate than Alex.

Marc highlighted the fact that he tried two separate motorcycles with different setups to choose the best fit for this track. He also added that he managed to choose the one that gave him the perfect balance, which according to his sayings was the reason for his pole position achievement.

MotoGP enthusiasts are looking forward to watching today’s race. Will Marc shorten the gap? Will this circuit remain to be his lucky charm? Or will Vinales take over this one? We guess we’re about to find out very soon.

Motoclub Egypt: The First Moto Track in Egypt.

moto track

Motoclub Egypt: The First Moto Track in Egypt.

Hundreds of holidays to El Gouna are booked every day, yet a new hotspot (Motoclub Egypt) is added to the list of activities that grabbed our attention as a motorcycle-related magazine; a new moto track (actually the first of its kind in Egypt) was organizing its first official motocross racing competition.
We were invited to this memorable event and here is what we found out…


motocross racing


The Moto Track.


Well, for starters, there are two motocross tracks; a beginners’ one (an outside track) that consists of smooth curves (approx. 1200m) and an inner intermediate one with sharper curves and tougher ramps (approx. 1800m).
The staff offers you the protective gear, the bike and some useful tips & tricks in case you are a beginner for a fair price. Also, you are welcomed to just squeeze the throttle and hit the dirt in case you have your own stuff.


motocross track
Beginner and Intermediate tracks.


The Club.


The club has a spectacular view;, especially during sunsets. There may be a couple of blind spots from up there, however, most of the time you can clearly see the racers having fun on the moto track.


Motoclub Egypt
The Club.

The club serves a wide variety of snacks and drinks in case you needed a refuel during your breaks (definitely needed it with the adrenaline rush you will be experiencing). Moreover, it’s a really good spot for the general audience who are looking forward to chilling with a perfect view.


Their First Official Racing Competition.


If you spend your holidays at El Gouna, then you are perfectly aware of the fact that nowadays are considered to be the peak of the season. On the other hand, there was an extraordinary buzz at this charming place, and it all came from the Motoclub.



The Moto Track was organizing its first official motocross & ATV racing competition. Both national & international racers competed head to head in a time attack race along with some fine beats produced by the DJ and mixed with the cheers of the audience.



There were three main categories; 450s, 250s and the ATV. The racers were divided among two main groups, each had to race for 20 laps (10 laps followed by a break each). Racers received their briefing for the moto track and were introduced to the rules and flags before starting.



Several publishing houses, magazines, and sponsors were present during the event. Red Bull, Sliders, Moods, Masrawy, Orascom & El Gouna were the main figures along with many others.



The event ended with a memorable ceremony for the top three winners in each category where cups, medals, and gifts (complimentary services offered by the sponsors) were distributed on the podium.




We’ll take you in a tour in this video (there is a message from the track owner too).


Our Final Call.


Well, we can assure you that it was a blast. The race went pretty good (with minimal casualties), it was very well organized (marshals were doing their job) and all of the safety precautions & measures were taken (medics on track,…etc).



Also, the timing was recorded both manually and through time stamps (videos on track) to achieve the highest level of accuracy.



The entertainment included a DJ throughout the whole day (from 2 till 7 pm) and free drinks. Not to mention the availability of ordering snacks (a la carte).



All in all, we were really pleased to attend this competition and we are really looking forward to seeing more competitions being held at this breathtaking venue.


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A Great Start for Valentino Rossi in Qatar MotoGP 2017.

2017 Qatar MotoGP Valentino Rossi

The Doctor (AKA Valentino Rossi) has managed to make his Movistar Yamaha team to acquire two podium positions on the very start of the MotoGP 2017 season.

The 9-times MotoGP champion delivered a really good show on the Losail International Circuit; he exceeded the expectations of many riders including his new teammate, Maverik Vinales.

An Outstanding Performance Regardless the Harsh Conditions.

Even though the Italian racer didn’t get his best kick-off start for the race, yet he finished in 3rd place. Qualifying was canceled due to inappropriate weather conditions. This meant that Valentino would start from the front of the fourth row in 10th, as grid positions were determined according to Free Practice results.

Some Real Action on the Circuit.

Rain showers made a lot of racers question whether the race should be on or not. However, this was not the case with Rossi. Actually, he gained three positions moving to the 7th position and tailgating  Dani Pedrosa from the Repsol Honda Team that he eventually overtook after several unsuccessful attempts.

Things Started to Get A Little More Steamy.

Johann Zacro’s lead for seven laps ended with an unfortunate crash, allowing Andrea Dovizioso (from the Ducati Team ) to take the first place. Marc Marquez was on the tails of Andrea and keeping  Adrea Lannone off his own.

The Italian racer (talking about Andrea this time) just couldn’t leave Marc on his own.  He came in contact with Marc Marquez’s rear wheel and he crashed out on the 11th lap. This made Valentino Rossi in 4th place.

Our All Time Favorite Part.

Yes, we are talking about the Valentino-Marc battle for third place. Don’t we all just stay stranded to our couches when these two battle on circuits and watch them in anxiety? This battle may not be one of their bests, yet it was satisfying for sure, and it ended with Valentino Rossi stealing the third position from the 2016 MotoGP champion.

2017 Qatar MotoGP Marc Marquez

Movistar Yamaha Harvest Two Positions.

1st and 3rd places, where the 1st place was achieved by Vinales, 2nd by Dovizioso and 3rd by Valentino.  That’s definitely a great start for both Movistar Yamaha in general and Valentino in specific, leaving the Italian racer with 16 championship points at the very start of the season.

Will he be able to maintain this output in Argentina? We guess we’ll find out soon.

How Valentino Sees his Success?

The Doctor gave a lot of credit to the Movistar Yamaha team. He said that their continuous support and never giving up were the main keys to their success.

Also, he added that it’s a really good start for the team during this season to end on the podium. Things haven’t been smooth lately, and this win gave them the desired boost for the new season.

In case you missed the race, feel free to check some of the main highlights of the Qatar 2017 MotoGP race.

Video Credits: MotoGP

It seems that Valentino’s morality is high after this win, but will it last to make him win the 10-times MotoGP champion?