How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Boots?

Motorcycle boots are one of the least riding gear that people underrate; riders often pay more attention to motorcycle helmets, jackets and maybe motorcycle pants too without giving more thought about how to protect their beloved foot.


The safety gear is a crucial aspect that a lot of riders don’t invest in. Don’t get us wrong, but this isn’t one of the motorcycle games that you play where you can just restart at the latest checkpoint after experiencing a slide. In real life, a slide can cost you a lot (we guess some people learned this the hard way already).

Motorcycle boots are your foot insurance policy.
Motorcycle boots are your foot insurance policy.

So, let’s say that you decided to buy your foot protection insurance, what are the factors that you should keep in mind while choosing your new motorcycle boots?

  • Motorcycle Boots for All Occasions (The Style)

Unlike the rest of your riding gear, the riding boots will stay with you nearly all day (unless you prefer walking barefoot at the office of course). With that being said, it’s of great importance to choose motorcycle boots that can fit most of the occasions. A pair of boots that you can wear at office without looking like a gladiator, yet will keep you safe while riding to work. We do realize that this may resemble a challenge for some riders (Dear Racers and Trail bikers, we do understand your dilemma) as their motorcycle boots are always screaming I’M A BIKER! On the other hand, there are a few models on the market that have a lower profile.

  • Comfortable Riding Boots (The Practicality)

Comfort is important while not riding as it is when you are on the machine. The main two factors that determine how comfortable your motorcycle boots are the sole and the materials (they affect your safety too as we are going to reveal later on). As it was previously mentioned, you will be putting on your riding boots nearly all day. You really don’t want to hate your riding lifestyle because of an uncomfortable pair of boots. You need to take a closer look on the sole of your riding boots to check its level of comfort.

Also, check the materials; if you live in a place where temperatures are relatively high, then it is recommended to choose a pair of boots with an air flow mesh (sweaty foot are not sexy). However, if you live in a wet place where it often rains, consider more waterproof options (wet foot is not sexy either).

  • Protective Motorcycle Boots (The Safety)

The safety in biker boots is determined by the armour, the closure and the sole too. The distribution of the armour is the most significant factor. Usually, they are placed at the front to protect your toes and at the ankle to prevent its twist during your fall. The more armour in your motorcycle boots, the more it will get bulky.
The closure of your riding boots contributes in the safety boots too.

A pair of flying boots during a motorcycle crash has zero protection for your feet. There are laces, buckles, and Velcro. Some brands managed to combine some of those options. Yet, more safety means having a hard time in putting them on and taking them off. So it’s your call to choose the most convenient option for you (click here to check some options).

The sole of motorcycle boots is the part that decides how many times you are going to slip; riding boots that provide its rider with a high grip reduces the chances of a motorcycle crash to take place. Take a closer look at your riding environment as you are the only judge who can tell the level of grip needed for safe riding.

  • Expensive Motorcycle Boots (The Pricing)

Last but not least, how much are you willing to invest in your foot insurance is the most decisive factor. We need to agree that spending money on your foot insurance will be much cheaper than the medical treatment and recovery. So it’s very important to keep a budget for your foot protection as they are subjected to injury as much as any other part of your body.

Hopefully, you have a better idea now on what to keep in mind while choosing your motorcycle boots. The secret is in keeping the balance between the factors while buying your riding boots in order to save yourself the hassle (and the money of course) of buying multiple pairs of boots for different occasions and uses. We will talk later on some of the best motorcycle boots for men and women. Remember to always keep your motorcycle gear on and enjoy your riding.