Dainese Blackjack Gloves Review

The Dainese Blackjack Gloves have been very popular among café racers and street bike enthusiasts around the globe. We’ve talked earlier about the rise of café racer motorcycles within the past few years. However, this time we decided to give you an overview on one of this community’s most popular gear.

So why are the Dainese Blackjack Gloves actually popular again? We’ll take you through a brief review, and hopefully, by the end of it, you would get your answer.

Features of the Dainese Blackjack Gloves.

Safety & Protection.

Well, the protection on this pair of gloves is not impressive. Just some basic padding on impact areas (knuckles & back). Again, those gloves are popular among the classics community, don’t expect them to save your day on a track skidding.

Design & Style.

Classic, Classic, Classic all the way! The design simply screams old school. You can clearly spot the opening at the front side of the Dainese BlackJack Gloves. Moreover, the Goatskin leather material, adds a vintage touch to the masterpiece.

Comfort, Fitment & Closure.

The elastic leather material, along with the pre-curved fingers will provide you with a fair level of comfort. It may not be the same as the accordion material when it comes to the extended range of movement. Yet, it will keep you riding with comfort and a huge smile on your face.

The Dainese Blackjack Gloves are geared up with a single Velcro closure mechanism for your convenience.

Airflow & Breathability.

Front opening and porous fingers allow a fair amount of airflow within your beloved Dainise Gloves. On the other hand, don’t compare it with mesh supported gloves when it comes to this feature  ( this is another kind reminder that this is a retro motorcycle pair of gloves, not track ones).

Things to Keep in Mind.

Some riders reported that you might want to consider ordering a single size smaller than your usual one if you are planning on placing your Blackjack Gloves order.

Pros & Cons.

As usual, after revealing all of the features, positive, and negative feedbacks, we simplify things by offering the pros & cons table, to help you in making up your mind.

StylishLow Protection
Relatively Comfortable
Fair Airflow

Our Final Verdict.

It’s not rocket science, the Dainese Blackjack Gloves are stylish, fashionable and will look outstanding on your hands while you are riding your café racer (or any other vintage motorcycle). But, are they really going to protect your beloved hands on a bad day?

We don’t think so. They will provide minimal protection, but they won’t lower your chances of being subjected to serious injuries.

Do we Recommend It?

If you’re not a speed junkie, who loves riding classic motorcycles in style. We Absolutely do recommend it. Otherwise, you might want to consider a more advanced option (regarding the safety) as the Alpinestars SMX-1 Gloves.

Hopefully, we succeeded in adding value to your motorcycle gloves knowledge. We’re always doing our very best to research motorcycle-related products, and deliver informative, unbiased reviews to our Two Wheelers’ readers.

Enjoy your rides and ride safely!