How to Clean the Bike Chain? (and Adjust it).

how to clean bike chain

Sup Two Wheelers! Last time we had a little chit-chat about how to wash your motorcycle (click here to check the article) the right way. Now, it’s time to take a closer look on how to clean the bike chain (also, the right way).
Riders always don’t pay enough attention to this crucial part when it comes to maintenance.



We do understand that looking after your brakes, engine, transmission and suspension are of great importance. But, what about the element that transfers the engine power to your rear wheels? We guess it deserves a little more respect!
Learning how to clean the bike chain won’t only assist you in optimizing your motorcycle’s performance, but it will increase your motorcycle’s chain lifetime and improve your riding safety factor.
Now, enough with the talk. Here are a few tips that would help you in cleaning the bike chain (regardless the type).


The Tools Needed for Cleaning a Bike Chain.
Go to your beloved toolbox and make sure to bring the following tools and keep them next to you. If you don’t have them, feel free to pay your closest depot store a visit.

– A wire brush (some people prefer a smooth one instead).

– Motorcycle Chain Lube.

– Rags.

– A Tape Measure (if you are not that good with approximate eye measures).

– Rear Wheel Stand (you will need this tool with nearly any sort of maintenance, so it’s better to have one).

– Wrenches (size will depend on your motorcycle model).

Now, those were the main ingredients for our recipe. Let’s take a closer look at the “cooking” procedures.
Checking Your Motorcycle Chain.
Well, first of all, you need to lift the rear wheel using the stand. It will make your life way easier than moving your babe back and forth while maintenance. Find the midpoint of the motorcycle chain between the front and rear wheels and check its displacement. If it’s within a 0.75 to 1 inch, then you are cool to go.
It’s worth to mention that you will need to repeat the previous step several times. You will need to move the rear wheel (hence the chain) and take different measurements for the displacement. The worst case scenario is having a loose bike chain that needs some tightening. How will you do that? Carry on with the reading and we will guide you through.
Adjusting Your Motorcycle Chain.
All that you need to do is to start moving the rear wheel axle, either forward or backward (whether you are looking forward to fastening or loosing the chain). Most of the motorcycles have an index marked as an indication of axle position.
Also, it’ very important to make sure that the axle is aligned correctly at both ends. This serves the safety of both,yourself and your sprockets while riding (this is where the role of the wrench comes).
Guess what? Now is the time to know how to clean the bike chain.




How to Clean the Bike Chain?



how to clean bike chain
The very first step is to wash the chain thoroughly and make sure to remove any dirt, grease or any other stuck particles in the chain. You should do that using the wire brush.Moving on, you need to lubricate your motorcycle chain using a bike chain lube. Please! Don’t just go for the WD-40. We mentioned this earlier in a previous article (at least not as a lubricant).The WD-40 is outstanding as a cleaner, but not as a lubricant. Always make sure to apply some bike chain lubricant after cleaning.
You will need to spray the motorcycle chain lube on the chain while moving the rear wheel. Make sure that you have covered the whole chain. It’s also important to remove any extra lube that falls off on the sprockets using the rag to avoid collecting any undesired dirt particles.
That’s it, You Are Ready To Hit the Road!
You may find out that you need to replace your current motorcycle chain, after performing the inspection that was mentioned earlier. We will discuss the different types of motorcycle chains and how to replace them yourself in a separate article.(click here to check it)
Hopefully, this simple guide was beneficial. We always do our very best to add knowledge and useful tips to our beloved Two Wheelers’ audience.
Enjoy your rides, and ride safely until we meet again. Cheers!