How to Ride a Motorcycle Part 1 (Beginners’ Guide).

how to ride a motorcycle

The motorcycle manufacturing industry is experiencing a remarkable boom! You don’t need to be a business analyst in order to figure this out and translate it, but this means that new riders are joining the motorcyclists’ community each and every day.
We decided to release the series of How to ride a motorcycle in order to give our beloved riders some useful tips (regardless for how long have you been riding) to help them enjoy their rides more and crash less.
The first part of this series will be dedicated to the new motorcycle riders. Riding motorcycles is a passion only a few can understand. However, there some safety riding tips that you need to stick to, in order to enjoy your rides (and live longer).

Admit that you are a Beginner (It’s OK being called the New Fish!).

Seriously, there is nothing wrong about it. Every Pro was once a beginner. Even Valentino Rossi was once an amateur (we love to think so). The faster you admit it, the less reckless you will be and the safer your rides will be accordingly.


Do your Research (About Beginner Motorcycles).

Reading about different motorcycle brands and safety gears is your very first step. Many newbies just rush into purchasing a certain model because some folks recommend it, or because it’s a well-established brand.
Well, here in the How to ride a motorcycle guide, we strongly encourage you to do a research before buying your first ride and safety gear. There different riding styles when it comes to motorcycles and even more options when it comes to the gear. Each and every rider has different preferences, capabilities, and budget.
Make sure to read a lot about different brands of motorcycles and gears before heading to the motorcycle dealer or store. It’s even better to test drive a few motorcycles if it’s possible.


Join a Motorcycle Riding School (no, it’s not lame).



Join a riding school with your new motorcycle (that you are anxious to hit the road with we know) before going on the streets. You will not only learn the basics; such as cornering, braking and accelerating, but you will receive some useful safety riding tips. This can also be a soft kickoff for you as a rider to get to know your new babe a little better (weight, power, handling,….etc.).



how to ride a motorcycle
See? It’s not that bad!




Try to join a Motorcycle Group.



This part is beneficial on so many levels; the most important one is the exchange of experience. Hearing other (more professional) riders talking about their crashes, motorcycle breakdowns and maintenance, will give you outlines about the Dos and Don’ts during riding. Also, it will improve your sense of ownership to this community and nourish your passion.
Just make sure to join the right group where you can get along with!



motorcycle group
Looking good huh?!




Forget about Stunting and hitting the 300KM/Hr speed limit.



So now, you have made your research about the most suitable motorcycle, purchased it, and joined a motorcycle group (or chose to ride solo). Please! Just Please! Don’t head back home, start watching YouTube Videos about Stunting Championship or the Isle of Mann and decide to give it a try.



motorcycle stunt
Let’s agree on keeping both wheels on the road for now, OK?




As we said earlier, those people are professionals who are racing in a closed and safe environment. Also, stay away from street racing videos. We know it’s tempting. But, just leave it for the time being.


Hopefully, this beginners’ guide for the How to Ride a Motorcycle series has added value to you. For more safety tips during riding, please feel free to check the intermediate guide. Welcome to the Two-Wheelers community and we wish you safe and enjoyable rides! (click here to check intermediate guide).