Icon Twenty Niner Gloves

Icon Twenty Niner Gloves

Summer is here, we’re pretty sure you are enjoying your summer rides already, and that you’re most probably tight on budget. This is why we decided to introduce you to the Icon Twenty Niner Gloves. In case you are curious about knowing the relation between what we’ve mentioned earlier, carry on reading.

Summer Weather + Riding= Unforgettable Memories OR Unpleasant sweaty rides.

Going for summer rides with the right gear is crucial; you have to keep yourself protected at all times while riding while avoiding the process of dehydrating to death.

So again, why these gloves in particular?

Icon Twenty Niner Gloves Front

Features of the Icon Twenty Niner Gloves.

Material & Protection.

The gloves are composed of synthetic textile backing that is homogeneously mixed with rubber, and mesh. Knuckles padding is installed to keep your hands safe during impact. As for the palm area, it’s made of high-quality, abrasion resistant goat skin that is supported by extra padding too for your convenience.

As you can see, the protection is kind of primitive, yet it will lower the chances of your injury during an impact (better than bare hands for sure).

Icon Twenty Niner Gloves Review

Summer Weather Needs Better Air Flow.

And that’s what the Icon Twenty Niner Gloves offer you. If there’s a cutting edge for these gloves among its category, then outstanding air flow would be it. Riders’ feedback has been very appealing regarding this aspect.

Closure & Fitment.

Simplicity is the main keyword here; a single cuff closure is the main closure mechanism for those Icon gloves.

Downsides of the Icon Twenty Niner Gloves?

Well, some customers did complain about the durability of the product.  Other riders had negative feedbacks about color bleeding while washing them. However, most of the customers are satisfied with their overall experience with the Twenty Niner Gloves.

Pros & Cons.

As usual, to make things easier for you, we decided to show you a table with the pros and cons of the Icon Twenty Niner Gloves to help you in making up your mind.

Low BudgetLow Protection
Outstanding Air Flow
Catchy Design

Things to Consider.

The Fitment of the gloves is a little bit larger than the true size. So you’ve got to keep this in mind if you decided to go for this option. Moreover, you need to be aware of the fact that this is neither a pro nor an intermediate level protective gear; it won’t provide you with the same level of protection as of those $90+ alternatives.

Our Final Verdict.

The Icon Twenty Niner Gloves are perfect for those who are tight on budget, need minimum protection and are looking forward to getting some decent air flow while riding. We can’t really put it anyway more simple than that. Is it popular among motorcyclists? Yes, it’s for sure. Is it the right choice for you? Well, it’s your final call.

Hopefully, we added some value to your motorcycle knowledge library. If you’re looking for a professional alternative (we’re talking like really professional here), you can take a closer look t the Alpinestars GP gloves that we’ve reviewed earlier.

Enjoy Your Rides Fellas!