Why install a motorcycle power commander?

تعديل الموتوسيكل

Motorcycle tuning is a contagious addiction that most motorcyclists get infected with; once you hop on your first two wheels, the first thing that crosses your mind is let’s pump this machine up. There are so many ways to tune up your beloved machine, and if you have been riding for a while, we are pretty sure that you have heard the Power Commander term.

In this article, we decided to discuss why you should install a motorcycle power commander, and reveal its exact effectiveness on your motorcycle’s overall performance.

What is the Power Commander?

If the tuning process was a tree, we can clearly state that tuning categories are its branches. You can modify parts regarding the ignition & fuel, exhaust, fairings, and drivetrain systems. It all depends on the tweaks that you are willing to apply on your motorbike.

Installing a Power Commander is considered to be an ignition & fuel system upgrade. So what does this magical fist-size tool brings to the table? Carry on reading to find out…..

The Power Commander kit basically moderates the fuel with air combustion, bringing more power to your motorcycle by increasing its efficiency (that’s the simple way to say it). This kit is installed between the main ECU and your fuel system to do its job.

This magical kit will give you access to tools that can either turn your motorcycle into a stoppable beast, or a dying one (in case you are clueless about what you are doing regarding the setup).

Don’t panic, it’s not rocket science, and we will be talking later about how to install and tune your power commander in details (according to its model).

But for now, let’s talk briefly about the basics.

How to Install your Motorcycle Power Commander Device.

The process is not complicated by any means. The kit has a cable that it directly connected to the ECU unit to override the connection. The kit itself can be placed in your backseat storage unit. For more understanding on the installation process, feel free to check this video.

It’s a piece of cake if you know your motorcycle’s “anatomy”. Some motorcycles are easier when it comes to a power commander installation than others due to the ease of access to its ECU and fuel system (cruisers, for example, are easier than racers since the engine is more exposed and it’s not covered by fairings). However, this isn’t a general rule for sure.

If you don’t feel comfortable with installing the kit itself, it’s better to visit the nearest motorcycle repair shop and get it done there.

Power Commander Models.

The most popular two are the Power Commander 3 USB and the Power Commander 5. Each of the previously mentioned ones fit a specific motorcycle model and has its own features.

تعديل الموتوسيكل
Power Commander 3 USB
Power Commander 5
Power Commander 5

Tuning your Power Commander.

Well, that’s the tricky part. This subject needs detailed explanation as you don’t really want to mess up your engine by flooding it with fuel or whatever wrong tuning technique. You can feel free to check our motorcycle power commander tuning and mapping guide anytime to get the full knowledge (or at least the important ones) about this issue.