The Iron Butt and Longest Distance on a Motorcycle in 24 hours Challenge.

Iron Butt

Sup, motorcyclists! Last time we talked about the Around Egypt on a Motorcycle Initiative, as well as the World Record that was achieved by the initiative’s founder, Ali Abdo (click here to check the article).

This time, we are proud to be the first motorcyclist magazine to bring you some exclusive updates about Ali Abdo’s next adventure.

What is the Iron Butt Association?

“ The world is our Playground” . That’s the slogan of the 50,000 members who belong to one of the largest motorcycle enthusiasts association in the world. Long and safe motorcycle rides are the thing that brings those members together.

The admission application is really simple (kidding of course), all that you need to do is finish their Iron Butt Rally or one of the other rides that they sponsor such as the Saddle Sore 1000 the Bun Burner Gold and many others. Here are some of their most popular rides:

The Saddle Sore 1000.

A 1000 mile in 24 hours.

The Bun Burner.

1500 miles in 36 hours.

The Bun Burner Gold.

1500 miles in 24 hours.

There are many other rides that include riding across the country or national parks.  The Iron Butt Association is definitely your place if you are into long distance motorcycle traveling.

Ali Abdo’s Specialty: Long distance Motorcycle trips.

The next adventure will be an attempt to break the current record of the longest motorcycle ride in 24 hrs which is 3256.5 Km, held by Mattew McKelvey in South Africa. The previously mentioned record was achieved on the 8th of October in 2014.

If you think that’s the only record that the Egyptian traveler is willing to break, think again. During our interview with this honorable figure, he said that he will be seeking to also win both, the Iron Butt Award and the Saddle Sores during his dry runs for the big record.

So we guess that you might be wondering about the distance planned to be covered in 24 hrs for the new record. It’s 3500 Km. Now, that’s really challenging on Egyptian roads. The riding conditions are not the smoothest compared to others.

It’s all About Being a Distinctive Motorcycle Trip Planner.

We are pretty sure that you realize that it’s not as easy as drawing a route using Google Maps, then following it with your GPS.  The Egyptian adventure made his homework to win the Iron Butt, Saddle Sores and to break the new World Record.

Preparation included surveying road conditions, estimating speed per each route, setting potential checkpoints and evaluating potential and unexpected threats to his journey.

Take a closer look at the outcome of his efforts.

Iron Butt Route 1

Iron Butt Route 2

So, Ali Abdo will achieve this riding a ……….. motorcycle (can’t wait to know the brand right?).

The Best Motorcycle for Long Distance Riding:  a Very Tough Call.

Well, that’s the most challenging part; finding a reliable motorcycle that is able to withstand this world record attempt is not as easy as it sounds. Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of reliable and trustworthy motorcycle brands out there. However, there is a certain combination of features that should exist in this motorcycle.

According to our talk with Ali Abdo, this motorcycle should be able to maintain high speeds (200 Km/Hr), provide a practical wind resistant shield to the rider, can go both off-road and on-road, and should be able to carry the necessary luggage of course.

Ali mentioned that the Ducati Multistrada is a potential candidate for his attempt. On the other hand, he is considering customizing a special motorcycle for his mission (as if it’s not hard enough already).

Why Is that guy doing all of this?

That’s the question that is probably crossing your mind right now. For Starters, it’s a passion that only a few understands. Yet, that’s not the only reason behind this attempt.  According to Ali, this new record will boost his efforts for the Around Egypt on a Motorcycle Initiative.

Currently, Ali is working on his preparations for the attempt; raising sponsors, shopping  (motorcycle and gears) and coordinating with the previously mentioned associations for his world record.

Stay tuned as The Two Wheelers Magazine (exclusive Digital Media Sponsor to the initiative) will be serving you all the fresh updates during the upcoming period. Did we mention that our superstar is planning for another 3 world records after the upcoming one? (Yes, he likes to keep himself occupied).

For the meanwhile, we will leave you with a chilling video for some of his adventures.