Kawasaki ZX10R Top Speed; How Fast Can it Go?

Kawasaki ZX10R Top Speed

The estimated Kawasaki Zx10r top speed is 186mph. However, that’s not its maximum “real” limit. You see, most of the modern 1000 cc street bikes are released on the market with electronic safety limiter at the 186mph. So again, how fast could the Kawasaki ZX10R go?

Well, mechanically and according to dyno tests (we emphasize on the fact that they were performed by normal sportbikes racers), an 189 mph  Kawasaki ZX10R top speed was recorded. Did anyone actually get this far on the roads? A Top Speed test was performed by MCN magazine for the ZX10R in this video.Let's take a closer look.

Road Tester: Adam Child, Video Owner: MCN.

In case you couldn't spot the maximum speed on the gauge, it was a hard 189mph. So it seems that ZX10R can actually overcome the 186mph limit. However, we can't really tell if the limiter was overridden in the previously mentioned test or not.

There are several ways where you can easily override the electronic speed limiter on your motorbike (which includes replacing the stock street ECU with a track one from the manufacturer). Yet, it’s worth the mention that street bikes have limited top speeds for a reason, they’re meant to be used on the streets.

Hold on a second, aren't you just a little bit curious about what's "under the hood" or fairings if that matters, which made this Superbike hit the 189mph? In case you are, carry on reading a little bit more..


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Kawasaki ZX10R Top Speed What’s "under the hood?”

There are certain factors that contribute to this ultimate power that is produced by the ZX10R. With over 1.5 billion Yen ($13470315.0000, yeah we were too lazy to read that too) in sales in 2016 (according to their Annual & CSR Report), Kawasaki Heavy Industries prove that it’s one of the major key players in the motorcycle industry, and here’s the reason behind it.

2017 Kawasaki  ZX10R Engine.

The first major engine redesign took place in the 2011 model where the new engine had a stronger mid-range and a lower moment of inertia for your convenience. You can feel the inertia improvement clearly during acceleration and deceleration (especially during corners).

The air-fuel mixture (combustion) has been improved too; pipes are straighter, the combustion chamber is loaded with titanium valves (not to mention, the titanium spark plugs tips too), camshafts are Chromoly for weight reduction purposes.

Did we mention that the airbox capacity has been increased by 2 liters (making it overall 10)? Pretty serious upgrades to provide you with a better riding experience, if you would ask us.

More Features that Matter.

Braking & Stability.

Well, the Kawasaki ZX10R has a shorter gear ratio, which makes it smoother while downshifting. That makes you gain more control and stability during cornering. The motorcycle is loaded with Showa & Brembo packages to deliver a remarkable stopping power for the ZX10R.

The Kawasaki ZX10R top speed isn’t an unnoticeable number. That’s why this raw engine power should have the right amount of opposing braking power to balance things while you’re on the move. Last but not least, the ZX10R is loaded with a brake assist program and they have an ABS model too.


The headstock has been moved around 7.5mm closer to the front. This provides more front-end feel and stability for you as it moved more weight to the front end. Also, the swingarm is 15.8mm longer to provide you with more traction on corner exiting.


5-modes Kawasaki Sports Traction Control System (S-KTC) has been refined by BoschIMU to provide you with 5 calculated parameters. The first two modes are for circuit use. Throttle position, rpm, and acceleration are calculated.

In addition, a 3-level  Launch Control Mode (KLCM) that gives you a kick off start with full throttle yet, keeping the front wheel on the ground by regulating wheel spin and lift. The system is disengaged when you hit the 93mph speed or the 3rd gear.

The Kawasaki ZX10R comes with a Quick Shifter that you can combine with their additional racing kit for smoother clutchless downshifts.

Want to know more about the ZX10R? Check this video out.

Video Credits: Kawasaki Motors

Kawasaki ZX10R Price.

You can get the basic Kawasaki ZX10R model for the price of $15,099 (estimated).

The difference between the 2016 & 2017 model?

Other than graphics, decals, and colors we couldn’t really spot any differences.

2017 Kawasaki ZX10R Specs
The 2017 Model.

2017 Kawasaki ZX10R Specifications.

Engine998cc, 4-cylinder, in-line DOHC, 16-valve, liquid-cooled Petrol
Max Power204bhp
Max Torque113.5Nm
Top Speed299kmph
Acceleration (0-100kmph)2.9 seconds
City9kmpl – 10kmpl
Seat Height835mm
Ground Clearance145mm
Fuel Capacity17-litres
Suspension System
Front Showa 43mm inverted balance free fork
Rear Show Horizontal back-link with balance free gas-charged shock
Front KIBS, Brembo dual semi-floating 330mm discs with dual radial mounted monobloc 4-piston calipers
Rear KIBS-controlled, single 220mm disc with aluminum single-piston caliper
Tyre Size
Front 120/70 ZR17
Rear 190/55 ZR17
Our Final Call.

It doesn’t really matter what the Kawasaki ZX10R top speed is. This street bike is one of the best options within its category. Do you think otherwise? Let us know.

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