Motocross New World Record; Longest Distance in 24 hours.

Motocross Longest Distance 24 hours World Record

Last Thursday, (29th of June 2017), our beloved Around Egypt on a Motorcycle founder (Ali Abdo) and Motoclub Egypt, managed to work hand in hand to break the existing world record for the longest distance on a motocross bike in 24 hours.

The previously held record holder was Paul Oughton who managed to go for 565.74 KM in 24 hours on a Yamaha YZ250. It was achieved in the UK on the 11th of September 2013. However, the Egyptian motorcyclist decided to break this motocross world record on Egyptian land (in El Gouna, Red Sea Governorate to be more specific).

Motocross Longest Distance on a Closed Track Record.

Motoclub Egypt (an Egyptian Motocross & ATV track) decided to host the world record attempt. Ali Abdo’s team was on track by his side the whole 24 hrs. We’ve got to admit that we did witness the high level of professionalism and organization when it came to task delegation and coordination within the team. Media coverage, maintenance, documentation and other functions were present within the team structure.

The Challenges.

For Starters, the wind speed at that day was around 25 knots and the temperature reached 40 degrees Celcius at its peak (noon). Dehydration and Fatigue were Ali’s most common enemies within his 24-hour journey.

In addition, sand dunes were created at the track’s corners (due to the high wind speed) which made it even more challenging for our Egyptian world record holder to main his speed during cornering. Ali experienced two unpleasant tire punctures during his attempt that nearly cost him 2 hours of time.

Ali ended his 24 hours journey after covering 601 Kms on his Honda Tornado (250cc) which makes him the new record holder. We do need to highlight the fact that it’s an unofficial record (until the moment this article was written) as documentation and witnesses’ papers are being processed and sent to Guinness Book of Records at the moment.

What’s next?

Well, let’s just say that the world record successful attempt has been just the start. Motoclub Egypt managed to host its first international racing competition. Egyptian and Djiboutian Motorcycle Unions participated in the race along with racers from the US, UK, Italy, and France too in one of the most diversified and adrenaline pumped motocross races.

There were two main categories (450 & 250 ccs). Each category had two teams and each team to go for 2 Heats (10 laps each). We enjoyed every single moment within the competition, and serious improvements were noticed regarding the club’s organizing efforts for the event.

Here’s a glimpse of what went down…

To Wrap Things Up.

Our trip to the south has never been more amusing. The successful world record attempt by Ali Abdo followed by the international motocross competition was definitely worth our 730 Kms drive to the track.

Ali Abdo has been smashing world records (one record at a time) under the umbrella of Around Egypt on a Motorcycle Initiative for a while. We wish him the best of luck with his future world record attempts.