Motorcycle Armor VS. Motorcycle Jacket.

Motorcycle Armor

“Dress for the slide, not the ride”. That’s the ultimate rule that every motorcycle rider should keep in mind while choosing the most convenient safety gear. Should I go for the motorcycle armor? Is the motorcycle jacket safer? There are multiple options for protection when it comes to riding motorcycles.




Actually, many of us stand still in front of the riding apparel section in a motorcycle store while scratching our heads, not knowing what is the best option that suits us. Today, we will discuss a very common dilemma; motorcycle armor versus the motorcycle jacket, which is better?



The Riding Style.



We all ride different motorcycles and get subjected to various riding conditions; some two-wheelers prefer riding on a single wheel (cheers to all the stunters out there), others ride on dirt and rocky off-road trails ( ADV and Trail riders) while some prefer to go for chilling rides on their shiny, fully loaded chrome machines (cruisers). You see, each rider hits the road with a different speed and is experiencing a different level of danger.



A motorcycle armor will provide its user with a higher level of safety. It’s very common to see stunters wearing a motorcycle body armor during their shows. ADV and trail bikers also have a greater tendency for falling off their camel-like motorcycles on hard objects. This requires a higher level of self-protection.



On the other hand, cruisers and touring enthusiasts wouldn’t mind going for the motorcycle jackets as a safety option. Those two-wheelers love to roam around the country with a relatively fair speed to enjoy the scenery. A motorcycle jacket that resists abrasion and has paddings will do the job for them.



Streetbike racers are fans of the motorcycle armor too. A rider who has an average riding speed of 200 Km/Hr will definitely need the best protection. There isn’t a general guide for choosing the safety gear according to the riding style. It’s a matter of personal preference for the rider. However, riding style is a decisive factor that two-wheelers need to keep in mind while they are purchasing their safety gear.



Motorcycle Armor
A Motorcycle Jacket may be cool, Yet it’s less safe than the motorcycle armor.



Low or High Profile?



You see, an ADV rider won’t mind at all being spotted by a lonely squirrel out in the woods while wearing a motorcycle armor. On the other hand, if you ride to work, I’m pretty sure that it won’t be cool to walk around your office looking like a gladiator. Taking off the armor once you step inside is not as easy as taking off your motorcycle jacket. That’s something that we covered earlier in our motorcycle boots article. Some riders manage to conceal the motorcycle armor under their clothes, yet this is not the case for the majority.




The Riding Conditions.



A rainy day requires full waterproof protection. A hot day requires an apparel with a fair air flow option. Each of the previously mentioned situations requires wearing a different riding gear. The motorcycle armor is perfect for the hot days where you need fewer layers of cloth and protection in case your ride didn’t  go smoothly. However, the jacket is a more convenient option for rainy days and low temperatures.



A rider has to balance between practicality, style, and safety while picking up his/her riding apparel from the store. For some two-wheelers, the motorcycle armor is always the winner, for others, it’s the jacket. Some riders may actually switch between the two options depending on the conditions. What’s really important is to always wear your protective gear, regardless of what it is.

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