Can’t Go for a Ride? Play Motorcycle Games!

motorcycle games Xbox360

Two wheelers are born different; they worship freedom and being unique, they love the sound of engines, pipes and above all, adrenaline. When bikers are not on their two wheels, they are always searching for an alternative. Sometimes those free souls are trapped in a place where they just don’t have access to their motorcycles.

Motorcycle Games
Playing motorcycle games is more convenient than this.

Whether you are stuck at home because of inappropriate riding weather, waiting in a long queue to get done with some paper works or simply can’t access your motorcycle because it’s in maintenance. Here in this article, we are going to help you to receive your adrenaline-rush dose by providing you we the best motorcycle games. We know that it may not have the same effect as the real riding experience, yet twisting virtual throttles still has its magic.


There are literally hundreds of motorcycle games available on the internet. Here in two wheelers, we are going to discuss three main different categories; online motorbike games, application bike racing games that you can easily download from Apple and Google Play stores and game console ones. We made some extensive research to come up with this list. Hopefully, it will help you in killing some time.

Application Motorcycle Games:

  •  Bike Baron (iOS Compatible)

There is a good reason behind this game being ranked as the number one game in 89 countries, with more than 9.0 million players using it. The game requires iOS 6.0 or later to function and it’s compatible with both iPad and iPhone.

The 3D game has a very simple gameplay; all you need to do is to complete levels by overcoming obstacles. This outstanding motorbike game has an overall 4.5-star rating from 12,103 reviews (yes that sounds pretty cool). Feel free to download the game and try it as it only comes with the cost of $1.99.

  • Racing Moto (Android Compatible)

Now, let’s level up the adrenaline level with more action. This pick is considered to be the best among the motor games on Google Play store. It has an overall rating of 4.3 stars with nearly half a million users (currently). The gameplay and user interface of this game is different than the previously mentioned one. Here, you need to pass through cars with high speed without crashing into them. We know that it may sound easy, but it’s definitely not. Motor Racer is an appealing choice among the free motorcycle games that are available on the store.

Online Motorcycle Games:

  •  Bike Storm

This game also depends on the player’s ability to pass obstacles in order to level up. It is a very popular game within this category. It may not be the game with the best graphics, yet we love to keep our options open. We do realize that bikers always tend to fall in love with realistic motorcycle games, but this option can always be kept as the last resort. It acts as the perfect time killer for people who have limited access to smartphones and game consoles.

Consoles Motorcycle Games:

Motorcycle Games PS4

Anyone who has been on two wheels knows the MotoGP famous racing series. The game excelled with its high-detailed graphics among other racing games. It’s basically the MotoGP fans’ ultimate fantasy. This game is totally recommended for speed racers who are looking to get some action on the track.

motorcycle games Xbox360

This game is pretty much similar to the MotoGP one. The SBK X has an online multiplayer mode where you can race against 15 other players over the internet. How cool is that right? On the other hand, we all know that console games are not for free of course (we wish they were).

We hope that this article was beneficial and gave you some options for motorcycle games. We will be discussing more games (or some of the previously mentioned ones) in details later on in other articles, so stay tuned for more virtual riding experiences.

Hint:  The bright side of going for those games, is that you can go reckless and do all the stunts you can’t do (or prohibited to) in real life. Always remember to wear you full gear (motorcycle helmet, boots, jacket and gloves) in real life. Happy Virtual Riding!