Rat’s Hole Bike Show; How the World’s First Tattooed Motorcycle “The Recidivist” Stole the Spotlights.

Rat's Hole Bike Show

Rat's Hole Bike Show was on fire this year. Game Over Cycles (GOC) is known for their creative motorcycle modifications and tuning. We’ve featured them earlier in their breathtaking Harley Davidson project that was customized for the Hard Rock Café.

Today, we decided to introduce you to another project that we can’t describe it with anything other than miraculous; you see GOC took their business to a whole new level when they decided to make “The Recidivist”; the first tattooed motorcycle in the world.

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How it all Started?

Stanislaw Myszkowski, owner of GOC said that their inspiration for building “The Recidivist” originated from the motorcycle community itself. He elaborated by saying that you can clearly see inked motorcyclists moving around with tattoos that demonstrates their characters.

The motorcycle’s name came from the turbulent post-war era that left a notable print on the motorcyclists back then. A huge fraction of this community decided to live their life to the fullest, regardless of how their actions stood from the law.

The Execution.

GOC decided to cover the whole motorcycle in leather and ink it. This gave the motorcycle an exceptional overall look, an old-school style that will simply sink deep in the back of your mind. The leather material will give you the impression of starring at a living creature, a unique one that you can’t really take your eyes off it.

The motorcycle’s frame was made from scratch; the team decided to sculpt the frame into a human’s spine.


Well, introducing an old-school motorcycle without showing all of the modern, electric cables and units was definitely one of the toughest challenges that GOC faced. Concealing the modern elements in “The Recidivist” was not an easy task by all means.

Motorcycle Elements.

Unlike GOC’s previous Harley Davidson project that consisted of musical instruments. “The Recidivist”  is made of various underground criminal elements;  levers that are made in the shape of butterfly knives, front brake calipers that look like handcuffs, too much detail that will leave you with a dropped jaw.

Cheyenne Bike - The Recidivist (girls) (4)
Knuckle Dusters Backlight?

Also, the front suspension looked pretty much like a tattoo coil machine. Did we mention that they used a knuckle duster as the rear lamp for their project?

Now, enough with the chit-chat, we’ll leave you with this documentary that shows exactly how “The Recidivist” came to life.

“The Recidivist” at Rat's Hole Bike Show (77th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally).

The motorcycle’s first reveal was in 2014 at the London International Tattoo Convention 2014. However, this tattooed beast decided to go wild on US soil during the Rat’s Hole Bike Show and the Labor Day, Weekend Rally in Milwaukee (Harley Davidson Museum). You see, it may not be the first time for “The Recidivist” to be exposed to spotlights, yet it was its tattooed first time appearance at the Sturgis Rally.

Also, it was the first appearance for the tattooed sidecar that isn't any less authentic than the original motorcycle.

The motorbike has won the 1st place for the “Most Unusual” category in the Rat's Hole Bike Show and GOC’s trip to the USA  ended with another 1st place award at the Harley Davidson Custom Bike Show in Milwaukee. The latter was presented to GOC  by Bill Davidson, Vice-President of the Harley-Davidson Museum and his legendary father Willie G. Davidson, the grandson of one of the founders of Harley-Davidson company.

However, there is a long list of awards that “The Recidivist” reaped. Let’s take a closer look…

Current Awards held by “The Recidivist”

  • "Best paint/airbrush" at Custombike-Show - world's biggest trade fair for modified bikes (12.2014, Bad Salzuflen, Germany)
  • 1st place in the "Best Painting" category at Custom Bikes Championships (03.2015, Wrocław, Poland )
  • Bike of The Year 2015 - Chopper Magazine award (03.2015, Wrocław, Poland )
  • Three awards at Custom Festival - Polish Custom Bikes Championship 2015 (04.2015, Poznań, Poland):

- 1st place in "Best Paint' category

- 3rd place in "Free Style"

- Special Award for best bike of the show from Custom Chrome Europe

  • Two awards at European Bike Week 2015, Europe's biggest bike rally (09.2015, Faaker-See, Austria):

- 1st place in the "Custom" category

- Audience award — "People's Choice Award"

  • 1st place in the “PRO Class” in the Harley-Davidson Museum Custom Bike Show, one of the largest custom bike shows in the USA (09.2019, Milwaukee, USA)
  • 1st place in the „Most Unusual” class in the Rat's Hole Bike Show, the oldest and most prestigious custom bike show in the world organized at the Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™, the biggest motorcycle rally in the world (08.2017, USA)
Facts & Technical Information (Bike & Sidecar)BikeSidecar
DimensionsOverall length 265 cm, width 185 cm.
Weight380 Kg155 Kg.
EngineTwin Cam 96”-
LeatherKult Motor DRPKM Leather Design
TattooTomasz Lech - Individuum Tattoo, Krzysztof Królak - Rock'n'Roll Tattoo and Piercing WarszawaArtur Wiśniowski – Moto-Paint

To Wrap Things Up.

We really can’t put how we feel into words. Whenever our eyes fall on a project that’s executed by GOC, our passion for custom motorcycles just gets stronger. Their masterpieces clearly illustrate how passionate they are about what they’re doing, and they keep adding value to their unique collection.

Photo credits: Tomasz Pulsakowski.

Video Credits: Game Over Cycles.