SEGA Bikes & Lounge; a New Destination for Alexandrian Motorcyclists.

SEGA Motorcycle Cafe

So we heard about the opening of this new place in Alexandria that made some real buzz during its soft opening. Well, if all of that fuss was just during their first days, then there’s definitely something unique about this place. Therefore, our beloved Two Wheelers team decided to stop by at SEGA Bikes & Lounge to take a closer look.



Well, we have to admit that we spent a couple of mins searching for a parking spot once we arrived (but if you are reading this article, the most probably you are a Two Wheeler and you won’t experience any trouble with parking your babe).



The very first impression you get is “ Blah! Here’s another motorcycle repair shop that is looking forward to making a couple of bucks from the Alexandrian motorcyclists’ community!” but that’s not the case.



The moment  you place a foot into the place you will get alerted by the outstanding coffee smell accompanied by multiple “eargasms” that you will experience with their soft Jazz music. Each and every corner in this place is stuffed with motorcycle related stuff; they have a motorcycle showroom (for motorcycles and scooters), motorcycle accessories section and another one for riding apparel.



Their motorcycle repair shop is in a totally separate place for your convenience (finally, you can grab your cup of coffee away from oil and grease spills).



So, our team decided to have a chit-chat with the owners and the stuff about this place and here’s what we came out with.




SEGA Bikes & Lounge; How it all started.




This place is owned b three awesome fellas;  Mohamed El Segaay (the SEGA guy), Ahmed El Bazz and Yasser El Banna. Mohamed El Segaay has been in the Two Wheelers field  2013. He started as an accountant in a motorcycle shop and ended as a store manager. He is a motorcyclist himself and he has a never ending love for those machines.




As for Yasser El Banna, he has been working in the business consultancy field for over 15 years with international  entities. He has a passion for motorcycles, good coffee and a Jazz music for sure.




If you guys think that we will be talking now about Ahmed El Bazz, then we’re sorry to disappoint you. You see, we love to create a mysterious atmosphere. If you would like to know more about him, then move your butts and go get introduced.







Well, obviously it was for the love of motorcycles, good coffee, and Jazz music –enough said-




However, we would love to add that the owners added that the main purpose of this place is to become the destination and focal point for all the motorcyclists gathering  and they aim to build a community and network rather than becoming a commercial center.



SEGA Bikes & Lounge
A cosy atmosphere.




What do they offer?




This place has technically all that a biker needs; a motorcycle showroom where you can pick your new ride (or just watch and fantasize about it while watching their collection), a motorcycle repair shop for maintenance and a great coffee place. They also offer a relatively fair collection of motorcycle accessories and riding apparel.



SEGA Repair Shop
Their Repair Shop.




The owners have also announced that they have partnered with SYM and KYMCO (scooter brands) as well as the famous Liqui Moly (Engine oil and additives).



Wall of fame
Their Wall of Fame. Gathering all the beautiful memories for the Egyptian motorcycle groups.




Menu Specialties?




Personally, I have tried their espresso and it was really good. However, if you are planning to pay them a visit, they are known for their Greek Coffee, Mohitos Cocktail, and Turkish Coffee.




Any Special Events Out there?




SEGA Bikes & Lounge has live Jazz shows on a weekly basis. They do encourage live music and underground bands in general. In addition, the owners announced that they are planning for some cool motorcyclists events that will take place in the North Coast next summer (YAYY!!).




What’s their cutting edge?




Maybe you are reading this review while secretly saying “That’s great! Still not what’s so special about this place?” Well, for starters their motorcycle repair shop has a staff with over 30 years of experience in motorcycle maintenance. Those people do follow guidelines when it comes to motorcycle repairs and they involve the owner before taking any major decision when it comes to the repairs. SEGA Bikes & Lounge are aiming to keep the dirt off their name when it comes to this part.




Moreover, they have great Baristas and a friendly staff that will make you feel welcomed and serve you nothing but tasty drinks. Their service time is what grabbed out attention too, a couple of mins separated placing my order from receiving it (Applause!).




Last but not least, the owners raised an issue which We (the Two Wheelers Team) really admired; they do empower female motorcyclists and contribute in serving them by providing a safe and enjoyable environment for servicing their motorcycles (and gossiping too).





What’s Next?




SEGA Bikes & Lounge owners said that their future plans include expansions for their business both nationally (probably Cairo) and internationally (Gulf Area). We wish them the best of luck with their endeavors.




Feel free to check their official facebook page (click here to check it) to stay updated about their latest offers and events.




Hopefully, you enjoyed our brief review about this place. We really recommend paying this new motorcyclists destination in Alexandria. A very enjoyable spot if you are in love with Two Wheels , good coffee, and Jazz live music. Cheers!