SENA SMH10R Bluetooth Headset: A Racer’s Best Friend.

Sena SMH10R

The Sena SMH10R headset is one of the best motorcycle communication systems. Generally speaking, SENA headsets are considered to be premium products. However, there is something special about the SMH10R model. Let’s take a closer look.

Features of the Sena SMH10R.

Low Profile.

The most significant feature of this Sena headset is its slim and small dimensions. Actually, this is what makes it the number one choice for many racers who are willing to minimize air resistance and weight applied on their helmets while riding.

The main unit is 70.7 mm x 36.6 mm x 15.5 mm and 1.2 pounds (overall). It’s simply the smallest and lightest motorcycle communication system on the market.

Sena smh10r Bluetooth headset


Another cutting edge feature that makes the Sena headsets, in general, stand out from the crowd is that you can charge it while it’s in use. That’s an option that you may not find in a lot of its alternatives. The Sena  SMH10R has a 10 hrs talking time and 7 days standby charge time. Its charging time is 2.5 hrs.

Crystal Clear Sound.

We use this Sena headset personally and we can assure you that its sound quality is superb. You can clearly hear your riding buddy through the intercom as if both of you are sitting together in a quiet, luxurious car salon.

Connectivity & Range.

The Sena SMH10R Bluetooth headset can connect up to 4 helmets via intercom and has a range of 900 meters in open terrain (usually it’s a little bit narrower due to external factors). The device can be connected to multiple devices simultaneously along with the intercom pairing.

You have full control of the music you are playing; pause, play, rewind, volume and many other options, not to mention that you can share your music with other connected riding buddies through the intercom.

Last but not least, the firmware of the headset is upgradeable, the intercom pairing is a universal one which allows you to pair with nearly any other motorcycle communication brand on the market, and the Sena SMH10R is loaded with voice prompts for your convenience.

Seriously, what else you may be looking for?

Sena SMH10R Price.

Well, according to our grading system ($,$$,and $$$), the Sena SMH10R can take a $$ .Is it worth it? According to our personal experience, worth every penny. You can get more details about the price by clicking here.

Bottom Line (Upsides & Downsides).

Sena headset

The Sena SMH10R is lightweight, slim, full of options,..etc. Yet, there is a catch; the 3 buttons feature makes it hard to change menus and navigate while riding. Long presses, as well as dual button presses, are required to perform certain actions.

Previous versions that included jog dials were much easier (yet, they were bulkier). The 10R model has a handlebar remote which makes life easier.

It’s not a biggie compared to what you receive in return regarding performance and communication. Yet, as usual, we thought it was worth to mention every single detail about the products we review.

If you are feeling clueless about whether you should install an external bluetooth headset or buy a built-in one with the helmet feel free to check this article (click here to check it)

Stay safe fellas and enjoy your rides!