Dainese Blackjack Gloves Review

The Dainese Blackjack Gloves have been very popular among café racers and street bike enthusiasts around the globe. We’ve talked earlier about the rise of café racer motorcycles within the past few years. However, this time we decided to give you an overview on one of this community’s most popular gear.

So why are the Dainese Blackjack Gloves actually popular again? We’ll take you through a brief review, and hopefully, by the end of it, you would get your answer.

Features of the Dainese Blackjack Gloves.

Safety & Protection.

Well, the protection on this pair of gloves is not impressive. Just some basic padding on impact areas (knuckles & back). Again, those gloves are popular among the classics community, don’t expect them to save your day on a track skidding.

Design & Style.

Classic, Classic, Classic all the way! The design simply screams old school. You can clearly spot the opening at the front side of the Dainese BlackJack Gloves. Moreover, the Goatskin leather material, adds a vintage touch to the masterpiece.

Comfort, Fitment & Closure.

The elastic leather material, along with the pre-curved fingers will provide you with a fair level of comfort. It may not be the same as the accordion material when it comes to the extended range of movement. Yet, it will keep you riding with comfort and a huge smile on your face.

The Dainese Blackjack Gloves are geared up with a single Velcro closure mechanism for your convenience.

Airflow & Breathability.

Front opening and porous fingers allow a fair amount of airflow within your beloved Dainise Gloves. On the other hand, don’t compare it with mesh supported gloves when it comes to this feature  ( this is another kind reminder that this is a retro motorcycle pair of gloves, not track ones).

Things to Keep in Mind.

Some riders reported that you might want to consider ordering a single size smaller than your usual one if you are planning on placing your Blackjack Gloves order.

Pros & Cons.

As usual, after revealing all of the features, positive, and negative feedbacks, we simplify things by offering the pros & cons table, to help you in making up your mind.

StylishLow Protection
Relatively Comfortable
Fair Airflow

Our Final Verdict.

It’s not rocket science, the Dainese Blackjack Gloves are stylish, fashionable and will look outstanding on your hands while you are riding your café racer (or any other vintage motorcycle). But, are they really going to protect your beloved hands on a bad day?

We don’t think so. They will provide minimal protection, but they won’t lower your chances of being subjected to serious injuries.

Do we Recommend It?

If you’re not a speed junkie, who loves riding classic motorcycles in style. We Absolutely do recommend it. Otherwise, you might want to consider a more advanced option (regarding the safety) as the Alpinestars SMX-1 Gloves.

Hopefully, we succeeded in adding value to your motorcycle gloves knowledge. We’re always doing our very best to research motorcycle-related products, and deliver informative, unbiased reviews to our Two Wheelers’ readers.

Enjoy your rides and ride safely!

Game Over Cycles: Taking Custom Motorcycles to a Whole New Level.

Custom Motorcycles hot


Sup, Two Wheelers! Custom motorcycles building is a passion, not a lot of motorcyclists will understand. Café Racers modifying is another thing that only a few bikers are fond of. Now, combine the previously mentioned categories, and you will get a totally unique niche within the motorcyclist’s community.
Last October (21st to be more specific), the Game Over Cycles(GOC); a polish custom motorcycle company produced a masterpiece (no exaggeration over here) that grabbed the attention of motorcycle enthusiasts from all around the globe.
Krakow Hard Rock Café has Just Received a New Piece of Art to Add to their Collection.
Even though this project was delivered to the Hard Rock Café of Krakow in specific, yet it stole the spotlights of the international media. So, what’s behind the buzz? What makes it so special among other custom motorcycles? Hold your breath ladies and gentlemen, and let’s take a closer look to find out.

A Customized Café Racer: Every Custom Motorcycles Enthusiast Dream?

The GOC has used a Harley Davidson 883 motorcycle for their project. No serious modifications were performed “under the hood”. However, the team made sure that this vintage motorcycle, reflects that rock and roll culture in every possible way.

Harley Davidson Sportster

When Motorcycle & Music Worlds Merge.

For starters, the rear swing-arm was modified to become a guitar fret board. A guitar shaped coil cover and a battery box that was transformed into a guitar amplifier. Did we mention that the tremolo arm can be used to drop pressure and suck fuel into the carburetor?

Harley Davidson 833
The rear swing-arm was modified to become a guitar fret board.

GOC didn’t just stop at this point, they had to make sure that this motorcycle doesn’t just reflect the rock and roll culture but to reflect the Hard Rock Café culture in particular. The gearshift is a miniature copy from the café’s turntable’s arm. In addition, the motorcycle’s wheels have been blacked-out and engraved with track names.

Harley Sportster
The motorcycle’s wheels have been blacked-out and engraved with track names.

Keep holding your breath, we still have more……
Now, for all of the saxophone fans, this part is specially dedicated to you. The GOC customized the bike’s exhaust with adjustable openings, mirroring the saxophone instrument. That’s a modification that resembles some deep meanings beneath.

The GOC customized the bike’s exhaust with adjustable openings, mirroring the saxophone instrument.

A classical vocal microphone. That’s how the bike’s air filter looks like. The filter’s sponge interior make it very efficient when it comes to proper air flow, yet it blocks all of the harmful contaminants.

A classical vocal microphone. That’s how the bike’s air filter looks like.

Harley Davidson Sportster: Your ride for “ Highway to Hell”.

The motorbike’s leather seat was engraved with some notes of the famous AC/DC song, Highway to Hell. We have to admit that not a single detail was missed when it came to this project. Even the bike’s graphics and textures that were made by AEROGRAF Piotr Parczewski, have a unique porous texture that adds more mystery to the masterpiece.

The motorbike’s leather seat was engraved with some notes of the famous AC/DC song.

Customized Gauges & Indicators?

As we said earlier, GOC made sure to reflect that Hard Rock Café ambiance in the motorcycle. The speed and oil indicators are coffee-machine dials. In case you are a fan of “stronger” drinks, then feel free to take a look at the infusion of the fuel tank that looks and operates like a Whisky flask.

The speed and oil indicators are coffee-machine dials

Final Touches.

Finally, the team loaded the motorcycle with cozy, ambient bulbs to reflect the atmosphere of the famous venue, and the metallic parts were matching the café’s ceiling.

The team loaded the motorcycle with cozy, ambient bulbs to reflect the atmosphere of the famous venue.


How GOC Sees the project?

When we asked Stanisław Myszkowski, the Founder & Owner of GOC about the project’s concept, he stated the following:
“With every theme bike we make, we try to make it express the philosophy of our company. Detailed thoughts on concepts are as equal a part of the process as the precise execution of technical design.”
He also added,
“In creating the Cafe Racer no detail was coincidental. The ideas for custom parts, their formation, and their positioning all have a precise meaning within the concept of the bike. This requires creativity and unusual solutions, and the GOC team all played their part in making this unique bike a reality.”

Recognition & Awards.

This project won the first place in the “Sportster” category and the prestigious audience award. This was at the “People’s Choice Award” in the Harley-Davidson Bike Show contest that took place in Faaker-See, Austria, and was organized at the European Bike Week 2016.
Also, it won the first place in the “Modified Harley” category in the Custom Chrome Europe Faaker at the previously mentioned show.

Motorcycle Details & Specifications.

Custom parts made by GOC.

Engine covers
Rack cover with oil hoses mounting
Painting and electroplating of engine’s components
Frame Type: Stock H-D modified by GOC
Front End Type: Stock H-D / Springer (upper triple tree by GOC )
Rear swing arm modified by GOC
Wheels Front: H-D Fatboy modified by GOC / 16"
Wheels Rear: H-D Fatboy modified by GOC / 16"
Other parts
Fuel tank
Cafe tail section
Fuel and oil cap
Bars with risers
Levers and grips with mounting
Foot pegs with brake pedal and shift lever
Exhaust system
Oil tank
Front lamp with steel covers
Rear and front brake mounting
Air filter in the form of microphone
C oil cover in the shape of guitar (with a suction lever )
B attery box in the shape of amplifier
Clutch derby cover
Powder painting
Plating (patina, brass, copper)
Length - 230 cm
Height - 95 cm
Width - 90 cm
Weight - 240 kg
Other Contributors
Engine: Stock H-D Evolution, production year: 2004 capacity [cm3]: 883
Seat: Kamil Machuła - KM leather design
Painting (fuel tank, cafe tail section, front lamp): AEROGRAF Piotr Parczewski

Delivering the big Toy.

We are pretty sue that your are looking forward to seeing the facial expression of the audience when they first saw it at the Hard Rock Cafe. Well, that basically sums things up….

Yea, that was your expression too.


And those were the partners in success for this project.


From left: Stanisaw Myszkowski – Game Over Cycles Owner, Paulina Macek – Hard Rock Cafe Kraków General Manager, Pawe Broniszewski – Barista S.A. Chairman

Game Over Cycles (GOC)?

It’s a Polish custom motorcycles manufacturer that was established in 2012. Even though the company is considered to be a “fresh” one, yet it has received eight awards at the European Bike Week. Four of them were for the “People’s Choice Awards”.

Also, they were the “magicians” behind the famous “The Recidivist” tattooed motorcycle that was created in collaboration with the famous Polish metallic legends, Behemoth.
Take a closer look at what those people did !
(click here to check their website).




Hopefully, you guys liked what you read/saw. Enjoy your rides fellas!


Modelling and bike photo credits: Tomasz Pulsakowski.

Press Photos – Ownership of Hard Rock Cafe Kraków.

Photograpfer: Jakub Zak Photography.