A New Honda Self Balancing Bike: CES 2017 Automotive Section Main Highlight.

self balancing bike


Another self balancing bike? In case you missed it, BMW Motorrad introduced its Vision Next 100 concept electric motorcycle earlier in 2016.

Now, Honda motorcycle made sure to make the best out of the CES 2017 Automotive section, by revealing their new riding assist technology, through a self balancing motorcycle prototype.

self balance motorcycle
Courtesy of Honda.

Where’s the Fun in Riding a Self Balancing Bike?

As a two-wheeler, that’s the first question that’s going to pop up your head (especially racers who love to drag a knee). Well, where’s the fun in kissing the harsh paved road either?

The self balancing bike technology is very useful when it comes to riding at low speeds. As a motorcycle rider, you already know that you won’t experience any balancing troubles while riding at normal speeds.

It’s all about making your way through traffic jams and parking when this riding assist can come in handy.

Fun Tricks Along with Practicality?

Isn’t it amazing how you feel when you tell your dog to sit, lean or follow you and it actually obeys? How about having a self balancing motorcycle that can actually do that (without spending hours of training it).

Seriously, we can’t think of anything cooler than walking around with a motorcycle following us (unmounted by a rider). Yea, we are attention seekers, but the looks over the passer-bys will be priceless.

If you want to take a closer look at those features, then watch this video.

Video Courtesy of Honda.

The Magic Behind the Self Balancing Bike.

Honda’s team basically replaced the standard Gyroscope with their UNI-CUB device (we are going to explain that in English now). The UNI-CUB is Honda’s personal mobility device that is responsible for the balance control technology and omnidirectional driving wheel system for the Japanese giant.

The UNI-CUB system joined the two-day hackathon at the AT&T Tech Expo earlier in 2016.

Awards at CES 2017.

The self balancing bike (or the Riding Assist technology if that matters) won three awards at the CES 2017 that was held in Las Vegas from the 5th till the 8th of January.

Engadget, which is the best CES Awards official partner, throned this technology as the “Best Innovation” and the “Best Automotive Technology” too.

In case you are not impressed, then we would like to tell you that their 3rd and last award, “Editor’s Choice Award” was given by the Popular Mechanics Magazine.

Final Thoughts.

The Honda Riding Assist technology can be switched off in case you desire to get full control of the motorcycle. We can’t really tell how this system will be working with aggressive riding; is it going to be similar to the traction control systems that are installed in Superbikes? To which extent is it going to interfere with the rider’s control?

Will there be levels for this mode like many other electronic riding aiding systems? There are a few questions that we couldn’t find an answer to. However, we are very pleased with what we have right now. That’s not something that you can see every day.