MotoGP Electric Motorcycles Series by the Year 2019?

MotoGP Electric Motorcycles

Earlier talks with the MotoGP team included some words such as electric motorcycles, single-spec series, and future plans for an open category later on.

It was Corrado Cecchinelli, the MotoGP Director of Technology, who gave some hints and statements to website, stating that they are not considering the installation of any electric engines in the existing three tiers for now. However, it’s possible to hold single-spec series at various MotoGP events for starters.

Why Considering the Electric Motorcycles in the MotoGP?

Cecchinelli stated that this transition is going to happen sooner or later; electric motorcycles and clean energy vehicles are the future, so it makes perfect sense to start this transition now.

How is this scheme going to be implemented?

MotoGP Director of Technology stated that they will start executing their plan in its simplest form, in other words, through a spec series. It’s of great importance to highlight the fact of the MotoGP team is still looking for potential sponsors who might be interested with this new direction.

The Former Ducati MotoGP technical director (Cecchinelli) added that of the spec-series started to gain momentum through racers and spectators, an open category can be created for the electric motorcycles. He stated that adding competition will be the next step after this new spec-series become popular.

Does that Mean Lower Adrenaline Rushes for MotoGP Spectators?

Not necessarily, some electric Superbikes such as the LS-218 can hit the 218mph on track (among other options too). After all, if you found out that you’re not a big fan of the clean energy motor racing events, you can still follow the usual ones.

Cecchinelli was asked about his personal opinion on electric motorcycles; his brief reply was that his own experience was involved with a dual sports BMW 1200GS motorbike which wasn’t actually a superbike, yet he enjoyed the relatively lightweight engine.

Moreover, he praised the efficiency and smooth torque delivery of the electric motorbike. On the other hand, the quite engine was a downside from his own point of view (don’t we all love the racing engine noise?).

He added that he thinks that future generations may not like loud engines as he does. He even said that he might change his mind (about the engine noise) himself in the near future.

Bottom Line.

Well, it makes perfect sense for the MotoGP team to start thinking about including a clean energy category to their agenda. It’s the global direction as it was previously mentioned.

Yet, we have some points that are worth to mention; can electric motorbikes be developed to deliver outstanding speed and performance on the track? Yes, it can. Is it more environmentally friendly? Absolutely. Will it actually satisfy the riders and spectators? I guess we`ll figure out three years from now.

Do you think that the new spec-series will be popular enough for the MotoGP team to make an open category after? Do you actually think that this whole scheme is applicable in 2019? Let us hear your thoughts.