Harley Davidson Dealers in Polland +1; Another Success for GOC Motorcycles.

Harley Davidson Dealers Poland

Harley Davidson Store

Credits: Ma³gorzata Wietecha / www.with-you.plThe Polish City of Rzeszów experienced unusual activity during the 24th of February 2017. If you are wondering what the buzz was about, then we`re glad to bring you the news. It was the official ceremony of inaugurating the latest Harley-Davidson dealership in Europe.

Game Over Cycles, a polish, well-established custom motorcycle manufacturer has managed to seal the deal with the custom motorcycle tycoon, to become the largest authorized dealer of Harley brand in Central & Eastern Europe in specific and one of the largest Harley Davidson dealers in Europe as a whole.

The hotspot is located near the A4 motorway and you can’t really overlook it (in case you are concerned). It’s a two-storey building  (approx. 1500m2 overall) with unique branding and design that reflects the passion for motorcycles. With a 10 meters high and  7 tons of high steel pylon which demonstrates the two V-shape cylinders system of the famous Harley brand, not to mention the famous Harley Davidson and GOC logos.

The inauguration had over 200 attendees that included famous public figures, government officials, GOC associates and of course Harley Davidson motorcycles representatives. Marcin Posłuszny and Bob Peurcil (Harley Davidson District Manager & Market Operations Manager respectively) were among the attendees too.

What Does the New GOC Place Have to Offer?

Harley Davidson Accessories
Credits: Tomasz Modras / www.niebiesky.com

A Harley Davidson Store.

The GOC store has two sections; a Harley Davidson bikes section and a GOC showroom. The Harley Davidson Sector consists of a motorcycle shop that displays a various collection of Harley Davidson accessories, parts, branded clothing and of course motorcycles. Here’s a short list of the models that you may find:

  1. Street 750
  2. Sportster Iron 883
  3. Sportster Forty-Eight
  4. Dyna Low Rider S
  5. Dyna Fat Bob
  6. Softail Slim S
  7. Softail Fat Boy S
  8. Softail Breakout
  9. V-Road Special
  10. Touring Road Glide Special (loaded with the new Milwaukee-Eight engine)
  11. Touring Street Glide Special (loaded with the new Milwaukee-Eight engine)
  12. Road King (police version, (loaded with the new Milwaukee-Eight engine)

Moreover, a Road King Special Model that was previously unveiled will be added soon to this collection. Did we mention that there is a Harley Davidson Service Centre too?

As for the GOC’s section, you can enjoy watching their masterpieces displayed. Their collection includes the famous Behemoth motorcycle project ( a famous metal band) as well as The Recidivist – the world’s first tattooed motorcycle- that had its share of international awards and press coverage (8 International awards).

Behemoth Bike
The Behemoth Bike. Credits: Tomasz Modras / www.niebiesky.com

This isn’t GOC’s first interaction with Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. An outstanding Hard Rock Café Project was released earlier that left the audience speechless (Click here to check it).

When we asked Stanisław Myszkowski (GOC Founder & Owner) about how he sees this dealership, that’s what we got:

“Harley-Davidson motorcycles represent the incredible history and amazing quality. When building this dealership we wanted to adapt to the level of Harley-Davidson quality and combine that with our approach to constructing motorcycles, in which we always try to take care of the quality and details.

The main construction material of Harley-Davidson motorcycles is steel, so we transmitted that onto our interior decorations, which were made mostly by ourselves, where we used over 25 tons of steel. Attention to detail can be noticed in the form of logos of both companies, which decorate all the key elements of the building: staircases, railings, lamps, sofas, armchairs, even radiators. The quality of materials and the way of their implementation are very important, but what we put into this place most are our the hearts.

We are bikers ourselves, this is our passion and a way of life. Opportunity to work with the Harley-Davidson for us is like fulfilling the dreams. Harley-Davidson is not an ordinary company. It was born from the passion and dreams of its creators and we also want to make this place special. It can’t be just a shop. We want it to be a place where people can share the same passion or learn about it, feel it and eventually fall in love with it.”

GOC Harley-Davidson Rzeszow (4)
Credits: Ma³gorzata Wietecha / www.with-you.pl

As for Marcin Posłuszny, this is how he sees it:

“Becoming an official dealer of Harley-Davidson is not easy. Contrary to what some people might think, it is not just about the money. The most important thing is the passion and understanding of the idea behind the existence of Harley-Davidson.”

We highly recommend paying GOC Harley-Davidson Rzeszów a visit. If you’re a real motorcyclist who is in love with custom motorcycles, then this place will leave a special mark on your soul.

Being added to the Harley Davidson Dealers list a success for sure. We are all looking forward to seeing the outcome of this partnership and we wish both partners the best of luck.

Wanna go for a quick tour inside the latest Harley Davidson Dealers list addition? Check this video out.

Video Credits: www.SCIGACZ.pl