Motoclub Egypt: The First Moto Track in Egypt.

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Motoclub Egypt: The First Moto Track in Egypt.

Hundreds of holidays to El Gouna are booked every day, yet a new hotspot (Motoclub Egypt) is added to the list of activities that grabbed our attention as a motorcycle-related magazine; a new moto track (actually the first of its kind in Egypt) was organizing its first official motocross racing competition.
We were invited to this memorable event and here is what we found out…


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The Moto Track.


Well, for starters, there are two motocross tracks; a beginners’ one (an outside track) that consists of smooth curves (approx. 1200m) and an inner intermediate one with sharper curves and tougher ramps (approx. 1800m).
The staff offers you the protective gear, the bike and some useful tips & tricks in case you are a beginner for a fair price. Also, you are welcomed to just squeeze the throttle and hit the dirt in case you have your own stuff.


motocross track
Beginner and Intermediate tracks.


The Club.


The club has a spectacular view;, especially during sunsets. There may be a couple of blind spots from up there, however, most of the time you can clearly see the racers having fun on the moto track.


Motoclub Egypt
The Club.

The club serves a wide variety of snacks and drinks in case you needed a refuel during your breaks (definitely needed it with the adrenaline rush you will be experiencing). Moreover, it’s a really good spot for the general audience who are looking forward to chilling with a perfect view.


Their First Official Racing Competition.


If you spend your holidays at El Gouna, then you are perfectly aware of the fact that nowadays are considered to be the peak of the season. On the other hand, there was an extraordinary buzz at this charming place, and it all came from the Motoclub.



The Moto Track was organizing its first official motocross & ATV racing competition. Both national & international racers competed head to head in a time attack race along with some fine beats produced by the DJ and mixed with the cheers of the audience.



There were three main categories; 450s, 250s and the ATV. The racers were divided among two main groups, each had to race for 20 laps (10 laps followed by a break each). Racers received their briefing for the moto track and were introduced to the rules and flags before starting.



Several publishing houses, magazines, and sponsors were present during the event. Red Bull, Sliders, Moods, Masrawy, Orascom & El Gouna were the main figures along with many others.



The event ended with a memorable ceremony for the top three winners in each category where cups, medals, and gifts (complimentary services offered by the sponsors) were distributed on the podium.




We’ll take you in a tour in this video (there is a message from the track owner too).


Our Final Call.


Well, we can assure you that it was a blast. The race went pretty good (with minimal casualties), it was very well organized (marshals were doing their job) and all of the safety precautions & measures were taken (medics on track,…etc).



Also, the timing was recorded both manually and through time stamps (videos on track) to achieve the highest level of accuracy.



The entertainment included a DJ throughout the whole day (from 2 till 7 pm) and free drinks. Not to mention the availability of ordering snacks (a la carte).



All in all, we were really pleased to attend this competition and we are really looking forward to seeing more competitions being held at this breathtaking venue.


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