Marc Marquez Qualified on Pole for the Austin MotoGP 2017.

Marc Marquez Qualified on Pole for the Austin MotoGP 2017.

Marc Marquez Qualified on Pole for the Austin MotoGP 2017.

The Spanish Honda Repsol racer continues his fifth win strike at the Circuit of America’s during the qualification for the MotoGP’s Austin race in 2017.

The final results were tight; Vinales of Yamaha Movistar team came in second place after a breathtaking and fierce duel in the final lap, coming in second place with a 0.13 of a second gap. His Italian teammate, Valentino Rossi came in 3rd place with an overall timing 2:03:673 in Q2, which makes him 0.923 seconds behind Vinales.

The Yamaha Movistar teammates experienced a close call crash due to what can be clearly described as an aggressive riding incident.  Vinale’s cornering speed was perfect, yet Rossi’s riding technique forced his teammate to back down and shift to a wider track line.

Let’s take a closer look……

Vinale made it clear that there are no hard feelings towards Valentino. He added that most probably the Italian racer didn’t see him coming and that he didn’t block him on purpose. In other words, this situation can happen to anyone including himself. Therefore, he totally understands the situation.

Vinales has been gaining some real momentum (and points if that matters) since the start of the 2017 season; finishing first place at Qatar and Argentina races made on top of the leaderboard with the highest points.

Even though this circuit has been very good to Marc during the past few years, yet the Yamaha’s Spanish rider will be pushing Marc’s limits to new places. That is clearly visible in Marc’s statement: “This circuit has been really good to me in the past years, but Maverick can push me,”.

Marc’s unpleasant crash in Argentina created some space for Vinales and other racers to climb positions on the leaderboard and making Honda’s favorite racer to be on the 8th place for now. Will he be able to find his way up again? Well, we`re about to see that….

The Circuit of the America’s Condition?

According to racers’ feedback, they were “battling” their way on the bumpy surface of this 6-years old circuit.

Actually, it was bumpy enough to be described as a supercross track by Jorge Lorenzo. Moreover, the weather conditions made it even worse; cool temperatures made things more challenging and lead to a series of unpleasant crashes during practice.

Alex Rins of Suzuki Team was left with a broken left wrist that knocked him out of today’s race. Marc was going to join Alex too, yet he was a little bit more fortunate than Alex.

Marc highlighted the fact that he tried two separate motorcycles with different setups to choose the best fit for this track. He also added that he managed to choose the one that gave him the perfect balance, which according to his sayings was the reason for his pole position achievement.

MotoGP enthusiasts are looking forward to watching today’s race. Will Marc shorten the gap? Will this circuit remain to be his lucky charm? Or will Vinales take over this one? We guess we’re about to find out very soon.

A Great Start for Valentino Rossi in Qatar MotoGP 2017.

2017 Qatar MotoGP Valentino Rossi

The Doctor (AKA Valentino Rossi) has managed to make his Movistar Yamaha team to acquire two podium positions on the very start of the MotoGP 2017 season.

The 9-times MotoGP champion delivered a really good show on the Losail International Circuit; he exceeded the expectations of many riders including his new teammate, Maverik Vinales.

An Outstanding Performance Regardless the Harsh Conditions.

Even though the Italian racer didn’t get his best kick-off start for the race, yet he finished in 3rd place. Qualifying was canceled due to inappropriate weather conditions. This meant that Valentino would start from the front of the fourth row in 10th, as grid positions were determined according to Free Practice results.

Some Real Action on the Circuit.

Rain showers made a lot of racers question whether the race should be on or not. However, this was not the case with Rossi. Actually, he gained three positions moving to the 7th position and tailgating  Dani Pedrosa from the Repsol Honda Team that he eventually overtook after several unsuccessful attempts.

Things Started to Get A Little More Steamy.

Johann Zacro’s lead for seven laps ended with an unfortunate crash, allowing Andrea Dovizioso (from the Ducati Team ) to take the first place. Marc Marquez was on the tails of Andrea and keeping  Adrea Lannone off his own.

The Italian racer (talking about Andrea this time) just couldn’t leave Marc on his own.  He came in contact with Marc Marquez’s rear wheel and he crashed out on the 11th lap. This made Valentino Rossi in 4th place.

Our All Time Favorite Part.

Yes, we are talking about the Valentino-Marc battle for third place. Don’t we all just stay stranded to our couches when these two battle on circuits and watch them in anxiety? This battle may not be one of their bests, yet it was satisfying for sure, and it ended with Valentino Rossi stealing the third position from the 2016 MotoGP champion.

2017 Qatar MotoGP Marc Marquez

Movistar Yamaha Harvest Two Positions.

1st and 3rd places, where the 1st place was achieved by Vinales, 2nd by Dovizioso and 3rd by Valentino.  That’s definitely a great start for both Movistar Yamaha in general and Valentino in specific, leaving the Italian racer with 16 championship points at the very start of the season.

Will he be able to maintain this output in Argentina? We guess we’ll find out soon.

How Valentino Sees his Success?

The Doctor gave a lot of credit to the Movistar Yamaha team. He said that their continuous support and never giving up were the main keys to their success.

Also, he added that it’s a really good start for the team during this season to end on the podium. Things haven’t been smooth lately, and this win gave them the desired boost for the new season.

In case you missed the race, feel free to check some of the main highlights of the Qatar 2017 MotoGP race.

Video Credits: MotoGP

It seems that Valentino’s morality is high after this win, but will it last to make him win the 10-times MotoGP champion?