Why Should I Upgrade My Motorcycle Handlebars?

Motorcycle Handlebars

Two-wheelers love to spoil their machines. Upgrading and tuning are just something that runs through our blood. Upgrading your bike for more power is great, but so does upgrading the stability. Motorcycle handlebars contribute significantly to your motorcycle’s stability. Many bikers think that handlebars’ tuning is only related to style. Yet, this is not the case if you are looking forward to tuning your bike for a better performance. We are going to discuss the main reasons behind considering to change your motorcycle handlebars in details to provide you with a wider overview about its importance.



Motorcycle Handlebars for the Right Posture.


Your comfort is important when you are on two wheels. Especially, when you are going for a long ride. Some stock handlebars may not provide you with the best posture while riding. On the long run, that may cause you serious back pain as well as numb arms and hands (numb hands are not good when they are on the throttle). The perfect motorcycle handlebars will give you the right posture for more enjoyable rides. If your current ones don’t make you feel good, then it’s time to replace them.


New Motorcycle Handlebars for Better Stability.


Now let’s focus more on the technical part. Motorcycle handlebars affect your stability while riding. Street-fighter bike riders, for example, tend to install wider handlebars for more control over the high-torque (not a general rule). Some racers prefer to add stabilisers to for their handlebars to control the level of steering sensitivity (we will talk about that in a later article). The shape, the dimensions and the materials of the motorcycle handlebars are the decisive factors for the upgrade results. U-Shaped, straight ones, wide, narrow, the possibilities of mixing those factors to get different results are endless. When you are searching for new handlebars in the bike parts shop, make sure that you choose the right one that will provide you with the expected performance.

Motorcycle Handlebars
Stabilisers are an important attachment to the motorcycle handlebars

Motorcycle Handlebars Can Add Style.


There are various other modifications that can be done to your bike for grabbing attention. However, you have to admit that a cruiser motorcycle with an ape hanger will definitely be noticed (even though it affects the stability drastically in a negative way). Chopper motorcycles are the masters of handlebar and front fork customisation too. Customising motorcycle handlebars can add a remarkable twist to your bike too, as any other modification. On the other hand, it is really important to find the balance point between performance and looks when it comes to this part.

Ape Hang Motorcycle Handlebars
Ape Hang Motorcycle Handlebars can add style to your motorcycle.

Motorcycle handlebars affect both your manoeuvring capability and stability while you are riding. If you have been on a motorcycle for a while, then we are pretty sure that you realise the importance of these two factors in saving the day (which is good news since you are not playing one of the motorcycle games). We hope that we added some knowledge in this article and we will be talking about the different types of motorcycle handlebars very soon. Ride safely and always be proud to be a part of the two-wheelers community.