How to Ride a Motorcycle Part 2 (Useful riding tips for Intermediate Riders)

Last time we talked about the How to ride a motorcycle “Starter pack” in the beginners’ guide. We made sure to provide you with some useful riding tips to stay as long as possible on your motorcycle and avoid crashing.
If you are reading this now, then most probably you made some progress with your motorcycle and are looking further to receive further useful riding tips. We managed to make a shortlist of the things to keep in mind if you want to enjoy your rides safely. Here are some of them:

Pre-Ride Check.

This is an underestimated part that even some professional riders skip. It is crucial to perform a quick safety check (emphasizing on the word quick) before your ride. The to check list should include the following.
– You head and tail lights.
– Your brakes (pads, caliper and hoses)
– Your brake lights and turning signals.
– Your tire pressure to ensure that you are getting the desired grip while riding (just a simple thumb press to feel the tire air pressure).
– Check for any leaks under your motorcycle and identify the source (oil and water leaks).
Now after making sure that each and aspect passed your quick check before riding. There are further useful riding tips that you should memorize when you are on your motorcycle for the very first few minutes.


Give your babe all the time she needs.

You don’t just hop onto your beloved motorcycle once you make sure that everything is fine and start riding with high RPM and act like Marc Marquez while cornering. It’s really important to warm up your tires and engines before speeding things up.
Give your motorcycle the time to heat up for the oil to pass through the valves and lubricate the pistons.



You will actually feel the “unease of your babe” once you start pushing her while she is not ready yet. You will actually feel it with the poor acceleration when it comes to the performance.
Another useful riding tip is warming up your tires (especially if you ride in cold weather). You see, you changed moved from four wheels safe riding to two wheels were grip and tire friction really matters. Your tire grip can save your life during cornering regardless your riding style or the type of motorcycle.



useful riding tips


Know Your Limits.

This is a fatal issue for intermediate riders; overconfidence will simply cause you nothing but fractured bones (if you are lucky enough). We totally understand the joy and amusement that an intermediate rider can feel after improving his/her riding skills. However, pushing it far beyond your skills may result in unpleasant consequences.


Defensive Riding is the Magic Word.

Two Wheelers don’t get the enough respect for sharing roads with automobiles. That’s a fact and the sooner you accept it, the safer you will be. Sure there are hundreds of awareness campaigns that are initiated for this cause. On the other hand, there are still a few who pays attention at Two Wheelers on the road.

Once your babe comes in between your legs (no pun intended) you have to get into the mindset of being defensive. Each and every driver on the road is trying to kill you and your babe. Expect the unexpected. Even those water puddles are just lying in there around the corner waiting for its next motorcycle prey to give him/her an unforgettable skidding experience.

Basically, keep your eyes on other drivers and pay close attention to your surroundings while riding. That’s one of the most useful riding tips that anyone can give to a motorcycle rider.
Ahh, one last thing, if a driver crossed your lane or acted as an idiot (which happens a lot). Avoid starting a fight with him/her at any cost. Remember all that it takes is a slight turn with the car’s steering wheel and you are gone for good. Please don’t act heroic!

Hopefully, we reading this brief guide added some useful riding tips to your riding knowledge. We will publish the last part of the How to Ride a Motorcycle series very soon. The last part will be targeting Pros who are looking forward to taking their riding skills to the next level safely (click here to check it)
We wish you joyful and safe rides! Happy Riding!